Weekly Roundup: Portland Building, 2869 NE Sandy, Stagecraft Building, and more

Rendering of a renovated loggia on SW Madison St at the Portland Building (DLR Group)

In an article titled “Handling a Portland icon with care“* the DJC looked at the approach being taken for the renovation of the Portland Building.

The Willamette Week reported that newly seated Mayor Ted Wheeler has halted further spending of the $258.4 million affordable housing bond, in order to to set “priorities and goals“.

Portland Shoupistas suggested 6 Parking Policy Priorities for Portland in 2017.

Portland Architecture sat down with Thomas Henneberry of ZRZ Realty to discuss the ambitious plans for the Zidell Yards.

Despite initial reports that the building might be relocated, the Portland Mercury reported that Club 21 last day of business would be January 15th. The building will be demolished to make way for the Jantzen Apartments.

The Portland Business Journal reported that Park Avenue West has landed an iconic Oregon tenant, Pendleton Woolen Mills.

According to the Urban Works Blog Design Within Reach has opened its new store in the renovated Stagecraft Building.

The Portland Business Journal reported that Fairfield Residential paid $3.6 million for a five-parcel lot at 2869 NE Sandy Blvd. The are current plans to develop the site with a 206 unit, 6-story apartment building.

OPB’s State of Wonder discussed design, planning and Portland’s new Mayor Ted Wheeler.

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4 thoughts on “Weekly Roundup: Portland Building, 2869 NE Sandy, Stagecraft Building, and more

  1. Re: Portland Building
    I sincerely hope that Mayor Ted Wheeler, with his strong fiscal management background, will be able to change the direction of this Titanic heading for a cost overrun ice berg. Sell the Portland Building, requiring that the exterior be retained. It could be renovated into a hotel. Build a new state-of-the-art public services building.

    • Agreed as well. $195 million to retrofit this behemoth? It cost $180 million to build Park Avenue West from the ground up. Preserve the Portlandia statue and design/build a new, well functioning, energy efficient tower in its place with that money.

  2. ideally i would like to see a middle finger given to graves by deconstructing everything but the base/south facade/west facade and a glass tower rising out of the skeleton 🙂

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