Weekly Roundup: Laurel 42, Fair-Haired Dumbbell, Portland Building, and more

Laurel 42

Laurel 42 by LRS Architects is being constructed at the corner of NE Halsey St and 43rd Ave

The Oregonian reported that the developers behind the Convention Center Hotel will break ground on the project on July 14th.

The Portland Business Journal wrote about how the Fair Haired Dumbbell is coming to artistic life.

The Business Tribune covered the first historic review resource review hearing for the Portland Building.

The DJC reported on Laurel 42, the new mixed-use building coming to the Hollywood District*.

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One thought on “Weekly Roundup: Laurel 42, Fair-Haired Dumbbell, Portland Building, and more

  1. If ever a site called out for mediocrity, it’s the dreary patch of gravel next to a parking lot where panhandlers set up at the freeway off ramp in Hollywood. This building reads as a mere assemblage of off the shelf parts with elevations and massing being merely an artifact of its internal parti. I am pretty disappointed to see a lot of this coming out of LRS these days. I’m not sure who did it, but an almost identical building just went up at the SE corner of N Vancouver & Cook. This kind of building is all too common in Seattle, but in a city with such a strong design culture, we really should strive for better.

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