Weekly Roundup: 72Foster, USPS site, Hampton Inn, and more

Hampton Inn & Suites

The Pearl District Hampton Inn & Suites, with 243 rooms, is now complete.

The DJC looked at how national brands adopt their brand standards to meet Portland’s design review guidelines,* with the Pearl District Hampton Inn as one example. The Business Tribune looked at how the newly opened hotel intends to serve tourists and business travelers alike.

City Observatory analyzed Portland’s Inclusionary Zoning ordinance, which so far appears ‘to be creating incentives for developers to ‘go small’.”

According to the Portland Tribune the Post Office Site will be offered to Amazon as a potential location for its second headquarters.

The Business Tribune reported that REACH Community Development’s 72Foster affordable housing development has broken ground.

The DJC published photos of the completed PSU Karl Miller Center.

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2 thoughts on “Weekly Roundup: 72Foster, USPS site, Hampton Inn, and more

  1. I certainly hope that not a lot of city staff are spending a lot of time and actually developing a proposal for the post office site with Amazon. There is no way we will get it. It will go to a midwest city with access to the rest of the country.

  2. Further, I think Portland would probably be better off without that behemoth in our fair city, exercising outsized influence.

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