Weekly Roundup: Terwilliger Plaza Parkview Building, Live Nation South Waterfront, The Canyons, and more

The Terwilliger Plaza Parkview Building will be located across the street from the existing building, and include a skybridge over SW 6th Ave.

A resident-run retirement community is planning a $100 million expansion, reports the Oregonian. The Terwilliger Plaza Parkview Building will rise to 10 stories and include 127 one- and two-bedroom apartments.

Live Nation is in talks with the Zidell family to build a 10,000-seat performance venue in South Waterfront, according to the Oregonian.

Turner Construction is rushing to complete work* on the Providence Park Expansion in time for the Portland Timbers’ home opener on June 1, reports the Daily Journal of Commerce.

Prosper Portland has selected the “Play” concept for the Broadway Corridor, writes the Oregonian. The concept would see the former post office “replaced with sports fields and basketball courts flanked by high-rises.”

A proposed bill in the Oregon legislature aims to create more lower priced condominium units. Developments that go through a more stringent envelope inspection would see the period for lawsuits reduced from 10 years to six, and require approval from a majority of homeowners to initiate a lawsuit.

The 101 affordable apartments at 72 Foster are now complete. The Daily Journal of Commerce published photos of the development, which has an “intergenerational focus.”

The Business Tribune wrote about how at The Canyons developer Ben Kaiser is creating a “community with no limits on age or accessibility.”

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3 thoughts on “Weekly Roundup: Terwilliger Plaza Parkview Building, Live Nation South Waterfront, The Canyons, and more

  1. After all this, the Broadway Corridor went from numerous high-rises to just sports fields in the middle of downtown!? Are you kidding me? So much for high density in a downtown core. At the end of the day it will just be a another homeless camp as if we don’t have enough of those. Huge disappointment for a huge redevelopment opportunity, rather keep the Post Office at this point. Thanks Prosper Portland for this glowing recommendation!

  2. I can’t tell if they intend to do any reconnection of the grid. The pictures in the article are too small. It looks like a lot more field than housing, though. What are they going to do to make sure that the parks don’t just become homeless hangouts? It’s kind of a problem in that area, and the Park blocks have long been magnets for them up and down the length of Downtown.

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