Metro Reports: Tiller Terrace, The Josephine, Brooklyn Apartments, and more

Originally designed as market-rate housing for developer Wood Partners, new project owner Guardian Real Estate Services has repositioned Tiller Terrace to be 100% affordable housing. The Goose Hollow building will now include 214 residential units affordable at 60% of Area Median Income.

Starting October 2021, Metro Reports have moved to Portland Maps Reports. Next Portland covers the highlights of the Early Assistance applications, Land Use Reviews and Building Permits processed each week. This post covers October 25th, 2021 to October 31st, 2021.

The Choice Cambria hotel at 135 NW Park Ave was submitted for a Type III Design Review (now approved) by SERA Architects:

DZ HEARING – It is the decision of the Design Commission to approve Design Review for a new, approximately 69-foot tall, six story hotel with 178 guest units. Approval of the following Modification requests:1.33.510.215.B.5, Required Building Lines, Standards for the Park Blocks. ¿The applicant requests to provide an approximately 14¿-6¿ deep setback in the middle of the block on the NW Park Ave frontage for approximately 49% of the block length (which equals 98¿-0¿) instead of the required minimum 12¿-0¿ deep setback for 75% block length (which equals 175¿-0¿). (Note that the current plans show a setback area of approximately 48.7% of the block length [or about 97¿-3].) ¿The applicant also requests to provide approximately 530 square feet of landscaped area, though drawings show only approximately 453.5 square feet of landscaped area, which is less than the 710.5 square feet that would be required for a setback area as large as proposed. The standard requires a minimum of 50% of the setback area to be landscaped with ground cover and shrubs. Approval of the following Adjustment requests:, Number of loading spaces. The standard requires two Standard A loading spaces for a development with more than 50,000 square feet of net building area in uses other than Household Living. The applicant proposes to provide one Standard A loading space, with access from NW Davis St. Approvals per Exhibits C.10 ¿ C.79, signed, stamped, and dated January 28, 2022, subject to the following conditions: A.As part of the building permit application submittal, the following development-related conditions (B through K) must be noted on each of the 4 required site plans or included as a sheet in the numbered set of plans. The sheet on which this information appears must be labeled “ZONING COMPLIANCE PAGE – Case File LU 21-100992 DZM AD”. All requirements must be graphically represented on the site plan, landscape, or other required plan and must be labeled “REQUI

The Brooklyn Apartments at 3260 SE Milwaukie were submitted for building permit review by Works Progress Architecture:

BROOKLYN APTS – New 5-story, 121 unit apartment building with ground floor amenity and support spaces and structured parking; includes site work *** w/21-087411-MT *** Demolition of existing structures under separate permits

The Josephine at (formerly ARCOA Mixed Use) was submitted for building permit review by Ink:Built Architecture:

THE JOSEPHINE – seven story, 65 unit multifamily mixed use addition to existing building, with ground floor lobbies, retail, and parking garage *** w/21-084904-MT *** Demolition of 1 story detached building under separate permit ***

A building permit was issued to SERA Architects for Tiller Terrace (formerly Alta Centric):

TILLER TERRACE (formerly ALTA CENTRIC) – New mixed-use multifamily project with 6 residential stories, 203 apartment units with common areas for bike parking, lobby/mail, and a future retail tenant (by others). Concrete on levels P1 and L1 with wood-framed construction above. ***Review w DEMO 21-049475-CO and 20-135132 -MTproject name changed 10/2021 to Tiller Terrace

A building permit was issued for a project at 8120 SE 11th Ave:

New 3 story 19 unit apartment building with associated site work; no off street parking

Metro Reports: The Welby, Modera Main Street, Baldwin Affordable Housing, and more

The 16-story Modera Main Street will be built on a full block site in Goose Hollow owned by the Multnomah Athletic Club. The project will include 340 residential units as well as new parking for the MAC, connected underground to their existing garage.

Every week, the Bureau of Development Services publishes lists of Early Assistance applications, Land Use Reviews and Building Permits processed in the previous week. We publish the highlights. This post covers September 21st, 2020 to September 27th, 2020.

Design Advice has been requested by Bora Architects for The Welby at 1325 NW Kearney St:

Demolition of existing building. New high-rise apartment building with 2 levels of office, ground floor retail and below grade automated parking. Mass timber construction over a concrete podium.

Design Advice has been requested by Ankrom Moisan Architects for the Modera Main Street (previously known as MAC Block 7) at SW 19th & Salmon:

This is a request for a Design Advice Request conference for a Type III Design Review for a new 16 story, 340 unit multi-dwelling residential building with 180 structured residential parking spaces, and 225 additional below-grade parking spaces for use by the Multnomah Athletic Club (total = 405 = < 1.2:1 ratio = max. for Goose Hollow). R-2 residential will be the primary occupancy with parking/S-2 moderate hazard storage as the secondary occupancy. The MAC parking will occupy levels B1 and B2, which will be fully below grade and will be accessed via a shared garage entrance and exit with the residential parking accessed on SW Main Street at Level 2; the lowest residential level will share the ground floor (Level 1) with the MAC parking lobby, residential lobby and wrapped MAC parking. Level 2 contains the residential trash and loading spaces, residential units and wrapped MAC and residential parking. The residential parking will ramp up to Level 4 and will be wrapped by residential units and the secondary residential lobby at Level 3/4 (double height); no parking will be visible. At Level 5, the plan will shift to an L-shaped layout of residential units with an outdoor plaza which may also house some of the stormwater facilities. The L-plan runs up to Level 15 and then steps back at Level 16 to allow for a rooftop amenity space above the southeast wing of the building.

Early Assistance has been requested by McGuirl Designs and Architecture for a project at 6525 N Montana Ave:

Demolish existing structure and build new structure, 3 story above grade with basement and 3rd floor mezzanine. Multi-family occupancy with 40 dwelling units, bike storage, common outdoor space. Utilizing community design standards. Stormwater is on-site drywell.

A Pre-Application has been scheduled to discuss a project at 4928 NE 11th Ave:

Comprehensive Plan map amendment and zoning map amendment (CPZC) for 4928 NE 11th Avenue (Site). The Site is adjacent to 1130 NE Alberta, a 27,000-square foot property that the owners are developing as an extended stay boutique hotel (the Alberta Project). The design and entitlements for the Alberta Project pre-date the COVID-19 pandemic, and in light of the changing dynamics and safety concerns (which we expect will cause lasting changes to customer preferences), the owners wish to establish retail space and outdoor areas with a guest house above on the Site. This area will integrate with the Alberta Project and is intended to provide more overall space (including critical outdoor amenities) for the Alberta Project guests and retail patrons to better allow for social distancing. The Site is currently zoned R2.5 and does not allow commercial uses like those desired by the owners. Therefore, the owners wish to explore rezoning the site to a commercial mixed use (CM) zone that would allow these uses, with a corresponding Comprehensive Plan map amendment for consistency.

A Pre-Application has been scheduled by MFA Architecture and Planning to discuss a project at 1706 NW 24th Ave:

New 135 unit apartment building with covered parking. Stormwater will be managed via infiltration planters and drywell systems.

A project at 234 NE 61st Ave has been submitted for a Pre-Permit Plan Check:

New 15 unit apartment, 3-story. Demo the existing house and detached garage.

A project at 3230 SE Milwaukie Ave has been submitted for a Type II Adjustment Review by Works Progress Architecture:

The proposal is for a new five-story, 129 unit residential development. The ground floor includes a mix of amenity, parking, residential units, and building support spaces. The upper levels are all residential and contain a mix of unit types including studios, one-bedroom, two-bedroom and three-bedroom. Requested Design Adjustments 1. 33.266.130.G.2 (Table 266-5) 5ft of L2 Landscape along driveway and at parking 2. 33.266.130.F.2 (Table 266-4) Vehicle Parking Space Dimensions

The Baldwin Affordable Housing at 7688 N Interstate Ave has been submitted for a Type II Design by SERA Architects:

(1) 4-story low-income apartment building with ground floor permanent supportive service offices, community room, and courtyards. Stormwater: Private – on-site with (3) drywells; Public – Stormwater management not required.

Metro Reports: 2202 E Burnside, 3230 SE Milwaukie, Floor & Décor, and more

Every week, the Bureau of Development Services publishes lists of Early Assistance applications, Land Use Reviews and Building Permits processed in the previous week. We publish the highlights. This post covers June 8th, 2020 to June 14th, 2020.

Early Assistance has been requested by Marathon Acquisition and Development for a project at 2202 E Burnside St:

New 5-story, mixed-use building. Approximately 114 units, 115,800 SF. Stormwater management is TBD. Proposal is expected to meet community design standards, however, applicant would like update/info about DOZA implementation.

Early Assistance has been requested for a project at 1666 SE Lambert St:

The proposed project is a 86-unit multifamily (40 units in the northern building (BUILDING 1) and 46 units in the southern building (BUILDING 2) project across approximately 71,000 sf of living space and 4 stories of living space above one level of parking garage. The units will be studios, one bedroom and two bedroom units. There will be approximately 60 parking spaces provided on site.

Early Assistance has been requested by Works Progress Architecture for a project at 3230 SE Milwaukie Ave:

This project will consist of the demolition of the existing structure, followed immediately by the ground up construction of a new multi-family dwelling

Early Assistance has been requested by Alliance Realty Partners for a project at the 400 Block of N Tomahawk Island Drive:

Five-story multifamily housing complex totaling approx. 272 units across two buildings with approx. 273 surface parked stalls.

A Pre-Application Conference has been scheduled to discuss a project at 230 SW 2nd Ave:

The proposed project is a 5-story, 136 key new build hotel with associated public improvements for the site. Gross building square footage is expected to be 80,540+/-. Stormwater disposal is proposed to be 60% ecoroof wit vegetated stormwater flow through planter with orifice control at level 1 connected to combined sewer. Non-contributing Resource.

Floor & Décor at 11919 N Jantzen Dr has been submitted for a Type II Adjustment:

Floor & Décor, a national retailer of hard surface flooring materials, is proposing to demolish the vacant/former Safeway building and reconstruct an approximately ~80,000sf building and associated parking lot for their retail use.