Focus: 20 new hotels proposed for Portland

When construction activity first started to return to Portland around 2012 it seemed like all that was being built was apartments. While residential still dominates the construction industry, other sectors of the market have started to return. In the last year there has been been a noticeable increase in the number of hotels proposed in Portland. Next Portland counts at least 20 hotels either proposed, going through Design Advice / Design Review, being reviewed for building permits or under construction. Together these represent over 3000 new rooms, a substantial number for a city that had 25,924 rooms in its metro area as of 2014.

It is unlikely that every single hotel on this list will be built; some of the Early Assistance application may represent property owners performing a feasibility study, and there is always the possibility of a downturn in the economy. Even still, it’s clear that Portland is going to have a substantially larger number of hotels in just a couple years. Click through to see the full list, arranged by number of rooms.

1 – Hyatt Regency at the Convention Center

Number of rooms: 600+
Architect: Ankrom Moisan Architects, ESG Architects
Status: Design Advice

Hyatt Hotel at the Oregon Convention Center

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Oregon Pioneer Building to be converted into a hotel

A building permit is under review for the conversion of the Oregon Pioneer Building at SW 3rd & Stark into a boutique hotel. The historic building was purchased in January 2014 by Palo Alto-based developer BPR Properties, who specialize in hospitality projects. The architects for the conversion are Arris Studio of San Luis Obispo. The building is home to Huber’s Cafe, which will continue to operate, and possibly serve the new hotel.

The Oregon Pioneer Building in 1979

The Oregon Pioneer Building in 1979 (National Parks Service)

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