Metro Reports: 13th & Johnson, 11505 NE Yacht Harbor, 4509 N Montana, and more

A building permit is under review for the NW 13th & Johnson apartments

Every week, the Bureau of Development Services publishes lists of Early Assistance applications, Land Use Reviews and Building Permits processed in the previous week. We publish the highlights. This post covers September 24th to September 30th, 2018. 

Early Assistance has been requested by McGuirl Designs & Architecture for a project at 4509 N Montana Ave:

Construction of three 3-story buildings. 113 units total. No parking proposed. On-site UID for stormwater management. Utilizing community design standards specified within 33.218.140.

Early Assistance has been requested by Ankrom Moisan Architects for a project at 11505 NE Yacht Harbor Dr:

Proposal is for a 221 unit age restricted retirement housing as 5-stories Type II wood over Type 1pt deck/parking garage. Small retail space along with supporting common areas for residents placed throughout the building. The building is proposed with surface and garage parking. Total gross square foot of building is approximately 296,000 gsf. Stormwater will be flow to proposed catch basin/Peak flow storm filter to storm drain lines.

Early Assistance has been requested for a project at 904 SE Division St:

Scope of work is for a new NW Natural Response / Service Center facility not open to visitors. The project site is approximately 4.35 acres. A large portion of the site will remain undeveloped, we have assumed 1.5 acres. The project scope consists of a 3 story industrial response / service center facility, 1 story warehouse storage building, trash enclosure and canopy, fuel tank and canopy, pipe storage 3-sided shed with (3) storage garages and a spoils bins 3-sided shed. Including on-site work and public street improvements for the NWN facilities, parking lot design and bio-swale for stormwater management.

Early Assistance has been requested by Edge Development for a project at 7433 N Chicago Ave:

Construction of two, 3-story multi family residential buildings (12 units in one building, 9 units in the other – for a total of 21 residential units). Will meet community design standards.

A Pre-Application Conference has been scheduled by Leeb Architects to discuss a project at 1500 SW Taylor St:

The proposed project design consists of 100 Residential Apartments on seven floors. Proposal to create a sister building to the 930 SW 15th project across the street. The ground floor includes the lobby, housing units, commercial spaces, a mechanical trash area and parking for 30 cars. The second through the seventh floors includes apartments and a roof top patio and green roof. Site Area = 15,168 SF (.35 acres) The total gross square footage is 74,780. The Development will connect to existing water & storm water pipes in SW Taylor Street.

The NW 13th & Johnson Apartments have been submitted for building permit review by TVA Architects:

7 story, 38,198 sq. Ft. Multi-family mixed use, first floor retail shell, 2-7 floors 59 unit apartments and associated site work. With permit # 18-244052-MT

The Dean River at 3318 SE 16th Ave has been submitted for building permit review:

New 4 story 72 unit multi-family apartment building to include associated site work

A project East of 15935 SE Division St has been submitted for building permit review by AAI Engineering:

New 3 story self storage building with office and accessible bathroom on the main floor with associated site work

A building permit was issued to Hacker Architects for the The Intersection on the Adidas campus at 5055 N Greeley Ave;

new addition between buildings B and C on the West side fo the Adidas village campus

A building permit was issued for the Raleigh 22 apartments at 2222 NW Raleigh St:

New, 6-story housing project with 173 dwelling units, below grade parking garage with 140 parking spaces and 7 EV ready parking spaces, retail space and residential amenity spaces.

A building permit was issued to Frixione Design for a project at 2730 SE Gladstone St (previously 4107 SE 28th Ave):

New 1 story restaurant on existing parking lot including seating area, kitchen, storage, toilet, trash room, bike parking, ramps and upper and lower deck patio. Infill existing driveway ***no occupancy in this permit***