Metro Reports: Broadway Corridor, Society 42, Findley Commons, and more

A building permit is under review for Ethos Development’s Society 42 apartments.

Every week, the Bureau of Development Services publishes lists of Early Assistance applications, Land Use Reviews and Building Permits processed in the previous week. We publish the highlights. This post covers October 28th to November 3rd, 2019.

Early Assistance has been requested for a renovation and addition to the University of Portland Physical Plant Building:

Complete renovation of the Physical Plant building that will also include an extensive addition. A pedestrian plaza will replace the existing upper parking lot and connect to the main campus quad east of Shiley Hall. A few heritage trees will be preserved to help define public outdoor space. A new outdoor plaza space will be created on the west side of the building to support student project space and provide on grade access to Level 2. A new building mounted canopy is planned to create covered outdoor work space ouside the Adaptable Large Projects spaces on Level 1, on the north side of the building. Demolish much of Level 3 of the existing building and then expand it and build a new Level 4 on top. A new parking garage is proposed to be located along the west bluff, and will incorporate four levels of teired parking (accommodating 208 standard size parking stalls and 9 ADA sized stalls. This building also includes storage, electrical, and mechanical rooms on the lowest level.

A Pre-Application Conference has been scheduled by Koble Creative Architecture to discuss a project at 232 NE 97th Ave:

A Pre-Application Conference to discuss construction of a ten-story, 309,060 square foot mixed use building. There are approximately 317 residential units and 3,565 square feet of ground floor commercial space. A proposed new public street, NE Davis Street, would run east/west along the southern edge of the property. Below grade structured parking is proposed with 119 spaces. The access to the parking is from NE Davis.

The Broadway Corridor redevelopment has been submitted for a Type III Central City Master Plan:

Central City Master Plan with an adjustment requested to required active use zones on Lovejoy and Hoyt Streets.

Findley Commons at 5415 SE Powell Blvd has been submitted for a Type III Conditional Use Review:

100-day Review Timeline. The applicant is proposing to construct a new residential structure that includes 20 multi-family units and 15 group living units and will reduce the parking area on the site from 50 spaces to 34 spaces. The applicant is also seeking a lot confirmation to establish four existing legal lots that would compose (and create) a discrete area for the residential project. Parking would be shared between the residential and church uses.

The Society 42 apartments at NE 42nd & Prescott have been submitted for building permit review by Koble Creative Architecture:

New 3 story apartments containing (3) dwelling units; (1) on each floor with (6) sleeping units on the main level; sleeping units have access to cooking facility in main level dwelling unit; interior trash enclosure; associated site work to include patio, landscaping and storm water management; no on site parking; new retaining wall along west and south property line

A building permit was issued to Architecture Building Culture for a project at 6712 N Montana Ave:

New 3 story, 11 unit apartment building. Main floor to include lobby, bike room, and 3 apartment units, 4 units each on 2nd floor and 3rd floor. Includes site work, landscaping, bike parking and covered trash area ***w/ 19-130244-MT***

A building permit was issued for a project at 7171 SE Knight St:

New construction of 3 story, 12-unit apartment building, includes associated sitework

Metro Reports: 1336 E Burnside, Rocket Empire Machine, 804 SW 12th, and more

Guerrilla Development’s Rocket Empire Machine project includes the adaptive reuse of a 1949 building into four micro restaurants and a bar, along with the construction of an adjacent two story apartment building with 11 units.

Every week, the Bureau of Development Services publishes lists of Early Assistance applications, Land Use Reviews and Building Permits processed in the previous week. We publish the highlights. This post covers June 10th to June 16th, 2019.

Design Advice has been requested by Mortenson for a project at 234 NW 14th Ave:

DESIGN HEARING – Construction of a 12-story hotel. The proposed height is 124′. No off-street parking is proposed. A service bay is proposed with access from NW 14th Ave.

Early Assistance has been requested by Koble Creative Architecture for a project at NE 42nd & Prescott:

Construction of a new 3-story building for residential co-living, with associated site work

Early Assistance has been requested for a project at 278 SW Arthur St:

New 2-story office building with parking lot. Partial street vacation requested

Early Assistance has been requested by Rendina Healthcare Real Estate for a project at 804 SW 12th Ave:

A mixed use 220,000sf building with ground floor retail, four to five levels of medical office with residential above. Limited parking either below or above grade.

The Rocket Empire Machine at 6935 NE Glisan St has been submitted for a Type II Adjustment Review by Brett Schulz Architect:

Requesting adjustment to 33.130.242 for a transit-street facing main entrance. Renovation of an existing 1949 building (CO 18-244579) into (4) micro-restaurants and (1) bar with shared indoor and outdoor seating, including a seismic upgrade to the existing structure and two small new construction additions to the building.

A project at 7336 N Greenwich Ave has been submitted for building permit review by Studio 3 Architecture:

New 3 story, 18 units multifamily apartment building with associated site works. Trash enclosure attached to building.

A project at 1336 E Burnside St has been submitted for building permit review by Urban Development Group:

Projectdox – construct new 5 story 140 unit mixed use building with parking garage in basement; associated site work