News Roundup: West End Medical Center, PDX Concourse E, Benson High School, and more

The West End Medical Center is being designed by ZGF Architects for Rendina Healthcare Real Estate and The Portland Clinic.

The Daily Journal of Commerce wrote about planned West End Medical Center at 804 SW 12th Ave. The seven-story, 140,000-square-foot medical office building will include a new downtown home for The Portland Clinic*.

The PDX Concourse E Extension had a soft opening in July. The Oregonian noted the project added the first new gates to the airport in twenty years. While work on the extension itself is complete, the Business Tribune wrote about how some concessions are not yet open due to the pandemic.

A proposed development at 2124 NW Flanders St would displace low-income residents, reports Street Roots. Writing after the project’s first hearing, Building on History described why the Historic Landmarks Commission has no power to deny or delay the demolition of the Nathan Simon House currently located on the site.

The Portland Public Schools board approved a $1.2 billion bond for November ballot, reported OPB. The bond will include funds to renovate Jefferson High School and to finish modernizing Benson High School. Building on Historic wrote about the proposed design for Benson High School, which was recently approved by the Historic Landmarks Commission.

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Metro Reports: Analog, Westwind Apartments, Cooper 52, and more

Analog at 1835 N Flint Ave was scheduled to receive Design Advice on March 19th. Meetings of the Design Commission and Historic Landmarks Commission in March have been canceled due to the COVID-19 emergency, with cases on the agenda for March set to be rescheduled.

Every week, the Bureau of Development Services publishes lists of Early Assistance applications, Land Use Reviews and Building Permits processed in the previous week. We publish the highlights. This post covers March 2nd, 2020 to March 8th, 2020.

Design Advice has been requested by Works Progress Architecture for Analog at 1835 N Flint Ave:

DESIGN HEARING – New seven-story residential building with 134 dwelling units. The program includes four townhouses, amenity space for residents, structured parking, and a courtyard space on the ground floor. Upper stories include a mix of studios, micro-studios, two-bedroom, and three-bedroom dwelling units and 25 car parking spaces. Proposed exterior materials include Viroc cement-bonded particle board, Hardie panel fiber cement board, 18-guage raw steel break metal (lobby area), aluminum storefront windows and doors (lobby area), and commercial-grade vinyl windows (residential units). Five Modifications to zoning code development standards are requested: 1) 33.266.220.C.3.b – Standards for all bicycle parking, Bicycle racks. Provide long-term spaces that are 1′-6″ x 6′-0″, rather than the required 2′-0″ x 6′-0″, with a combination of staggered, wall-mounted racks and a double-decker rack system. 2) 33.266.130.F.2 – Parking space and aisle dimensions. Provide parking in a mechanical stacking system with spaces that range in width, the smallest being 8′-2 7/16″ rather than the required 8′-6″ minimum. 3) 33.266.130.F.1.a – Parking area layouts, access to parking spaces. Locate required loading spaces in the parking area drive aisle and maintaining access to all the vehicle parking spaces via a mechanically automated “shuffling” parking system. 4) 33.510.220.B.2 – Ground floor windows. The applicant proposes a large scale vitrine to display custom art installations in lieu of the standard-required 40% window area with views into lobbies or working areas along the non-residential portion of the N Hancock Street façade. 5) 33.130.230.B.4.a – Ground floor window and frontage standards for dwelling units, Flexible ground floor design. The applicant proposes that the ground floor dwelling unit at the northeast corner of the building have a depth of 22′-10″ from the N Flint Avenue-facing façade, rather than the required 25′-0″ minimum depth. One exception is requested to Window Projections Into Public Right-of-Way OSSC/32/#1 Code Guide standards: the applicant requests that a projecting window mass at the northeast corner of the building be allowed to be 46′-7 ½” long on its east elevation and 40′-0 ¼” long on its north elevation, exceeding the maximum length allowed of 12 feet on both elevations.

Early Assistance has been requested for a project at 5025 SE 122nd Ave:

Build a two-story mosque (total area of 6,511 sq ft)

Early Assistance has been requested for a project at 6936 N Maryland Ave:

Construction of 30 new dwelling units at 6936 N Maryland. Building will be 3 stories above-grade with basement and will utilize onsite drywells (revised to one lot from original proposal).

Early Assistance has been requested by YBA Architects for Cooper 52 at 6865 SE 52nd Ave:

Cooper 52 is an apartment building with three stories and a basement. There are 25 residential units. There is surface and tuck-under parking, building services, bike parking, outdoor common area, and residential units in the basement and ground floor. there are residential units and exterior circulation space on the second and third floors. the stormwater disposal methodology is to be determined.

A Pre-Application Conference has been scheduled by Rendina Healthcare Real Estate to discuss a project at 804 SW 12th Ave:

Proposed development for a 14 story, 287,000 GSF structure. This mixed-use development will include retail, lobbies and support space on Level 1, leasable medical and commercial office space on Levels 2-5 and residential units 6-13, with mechanical and amenity space on Level 14. In addition, three levels of below grade parking will be provided. The project will use filtration planters with the possibility of an eco-roof. If an eco-roof is not utilized then a detention tank will be provided.

The new Westwind Apartments at 327 NW 6th Ave have been submitted for a Type III Design Review by Works Progress Architecture:

100-day Review Timeline. Construction of a new, 7-story, mixed-use building on a quarter block site. Project includes 100 deeply affordable units of permanently supporting housing, including 72 transient housing units (SROs) with PHB funding, and 28 studio apartments. It will also contain ground and second floor CCC Office space and community functions. There will be a small retail space at the northwest corner. Adjustment to 33.510.263 is requested to allow loading area access on NW Flanders.

An Excavation, Shoring and Structural permit for the Portland Proper Hotel at 1202 NW Irving St has been submitted for review by ZGF Architects:

PROPER HOTEL STR 01 – Excavation, Shoring, and Structural Core for a New 9 story hotel with one level of below grade parking

A building permit was issued to R&B Design Studio for the Interstate and Kilpatrick II apartments at 1400 N Kilpatrick St:

New construction of 18 housing units in a 3-story building on East portion of site. This is buildng 2 of 2. Building 1 was under 18-280322-CO. Utility and grading for entire site was under 18-280322-UTL-01-CO

Metro Reports: 1336 E Burnside, Rocket Empire Machine, 804 SW 12th, and more

Guerrilla Development’s Rocket Empire Machine project includes the adaptive reuse of a 1949 building into four micro restaurants and a bar, along with the construction of an adjacent two story apartment building with 11 units.

Every week, the Bureau of Development Services publishes lists of Early Assistance applications, Land Use Reviews and Building Permits processed in the previous week. We publish the highlights. This post covers June 10th to June 16th, 2019.

Design Advice has been requested by Mortenson for a project at 234 NW 14th Ave:

DESIGN HEARING – Construction of a 12-story hotel. The proposed height is 124′. No off-street parking is proposed. A service bay is proposed with access from NW 14th Ave.

Early Assistance has been requested by Koble Creative Architecture for a project at NE 42nd & Prescott:

Construction of a new 3-story building for residential co-living, with associated site work

Early Assistance has been requested for a project at 278 SW Arthur St:

New 2-story office building with parking lot. Partial street vacation requested

Early Assistance has been requested by Rendina Healthcare Real Estate for a project at 804 SW 12th Ave:

A mixed use 220,000sf building with ground floor retail, four to five levels of medical office with residential above. Limited parking either below or above grade.

The Rocket Empire Machine at 6935 NE Glisan St has been submitted for a Type II Adjustment Review by Brett Schulz Architect:

Requesting adjustment to 33.130.242 for a transit-street facing main entrance. Renovation of an existing 1949 building (CO 18-244579) into (4) micro-restaurants and (1) bar with shared indoor and outdoor seating, including a seismic upgrade to the existing structure and two small new construction additions to the building.

A project at 7336 N Greenwich Ave has been submitted for building permit review by Studio 3 Architecture:

New 3 story, 18 units multifamily apartment building with associated site works. Trash enclosure attached to building.

A project at 1336 E Burnside St has been submitted for building permit review by Urban Development Group:

Projectdox – construct new 5 story 140 unit mixed use building with parking garage in basement; associated site work