Weekly Roundup: Goat Blocks, Hi-Lo Hotel, Karl Miller Center, and more

Businesses have started to open in the Goat Blocks development

Eugene-based grocery store Market of Choice opened last week in the Goat BlocksThe Portland Business Journal published photos of the new grocery store and the adjacent Orchard Supply Hardware. Schilling Cider, which plans the “world’s largest cider taproom” has set an opening date of June 16th.  

Eater PDX took a look at Alto Bajo, the modern Mexican restaurant opening tomorrow in the Hi-Lo Hotel.

Residents of Multnomah Village are challenging Portland’s recently passed Comprehensive Plan, writes the Portland Tribune.

The DJC wrote about how the project team behind the PSU Karl Miller Center is zeroing in on a LEED platinum rating*.

The Portland Tribune wrote about the current state of the construction market in Portland, with hotel development being particularly strong.

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3 thoughts on “Weekly Roundup: Goat Blocks, Hi-Lo Hotel, Karl Miller Center, and more

  1. The Market of Choice is massive, bigger than any Whole Foods or New Seasons I’ve been in, and it doesn’t just carry the natural/organic type stuff, but also “conventional food”, so if you want Oreo’s or Cheetos, they’ll hook you up. About 20 percent of the merchandise is prepared food that you can eat there, so it serves as an all-purpose restaurant as well.

    I do wonder if Sheridan’s or Food Fight have much of a future in this neighborhood…

    • Food Fight is a tiny, tiny specialty shop specifically for Vegans. In all the years I’ve lived here, I’ve gone to it fewer times than fingers on one hand. I’ve been to the new Market of Choice probably more times now. I’m honestly surprised the other place is still in business what with their high prices and very limited selection of things. I don’t even now what Sheridan’s is. I’ve never heard of it. This new place is what this neighborhood has needed for years, and I’m so damn glad it’s opened! The plaza in the middle of it all is a lovely place to hang out and sit. I hope they can keep the bums away and keep the vandals out. There’s been a lot of graffiti and camping around here, and it’s all getting worse. Some new people and a greater presence of people might just help curb a lot of that bad behavior. The market all has pretty reasonable prices; it’s not a whole paycheck kind of deal, thank the gods! I’m sick of busing it over to Hawthorne for shopping all the time, so this is a god-send. I love it. Oh, and the rest of the development looks all right if not pretty. It’s better than what was there, but architecture as a serious practice and art died after WWII, so I guess we’re stuck with this. At least we have a grocery store in Buckman now. 🙂

      • Given the number of eyes that will be constantly on that property due to the 200+ apartments above, I suspect it will avoid the worst of what you mention.

        Agreed, Market of Choice is fantastic. I used to have to either walk/bike twice as far to Whole Foods or rely on Sheridan’s, which is a tiny market with high prices at SE MLK and Oak. Now I go to Market of Choice almost everyday, and find myself going to restaurants far less (although Nong’s will always be special, and there are a few great burger places nearby).

        I’ve never been to Food Fight, but wonder about the percentage of customers who are hardcore vegans vs non-vegans living within ten blocks who go there because it’s close. They will certainly lose the latter demographic as customers, if they exist.

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