1500 SW Taylor Apartments Approved (images)

The Design Commission has approved a 7 story mixed use building at 1500 SW Taylor St. The 7 story building by Leeb Architects for Shelter Holdings will include 105 units, including three ground level work-live units. 782 sq ft of ground-level retail space will be located at the northeast corner of the building. Parking for 20 vehicles and 163 bicycles will be provided.

The building will be subject to the city’s inclusionary housing rules, which require the provision of affordable housing or the payment of a fee-in-lieu.

1500 SW Taylor Apartments

The building will be located on three eights of a block in the Goose Hollow neighborhood. The site was formerly occupied by the Holman House, which had long been used as an office. As reported by the Portland Chronicle the building was demolished in October 2016. A previous proposal for the site was approved by the Commission in 2017, but was never submitted for building permit review.

1500 SW Taylor will be operated as a sister building to 1440 SW Taylor, designed by the same architects for the same client. Other projects planned nearby in Goose Hollow include the Alta Peak, the Press Blocks, the ART Tower, Lincoln High School, 1715 SW Salmon St and 1634 SW Alder St.

The primary material for the building will be norman brick, in red and gray. Secondary materials include equitone fiber cement panels, vinyl windows and aluminum storefront glazing. While the material palette will be similar to the building across the street, the brick will be a lighter color, as will the fiber cement panels.

1500 SW Taylor Apartments

1500 SW Taylor was approved by a unanimous vote of the Design Commission at the project’s first land use review hearing on May 16th, 2019. The project had previously been in front of the Commission for a Design Advice Request meeting in February.

In the Final Findings and Decision by the Design Commission the project found to respond to its context through its relationship with the previously approved building:

The proposed building is designed to be a traditional expression compatible with the historic character of this eclectic part of the Goose Hollow neighborhood. The proposed building is 7-stories tall and is expressed as a masonry and box angled bays with punched windows (approximately 5 ½” from face of brick to face of sash and 3 ¾” from face of cladding to sash within window bays) paired vertically separated by cementitious and brick spandrel (Equitone). The primary exterior material is brick in two colors (coal creek and amber rose), similar to several other buildings in the vicinity, yet differentiated from the recently approved development directly east of the site. The traditional expression takes cues from nearby apartment buildings as well as the brick clad pavilion of the Press Blocks two blocks west (LU 16-273094 DZM). In addition, the two-level live/work units and amenity spaces fronting SW 15th Ave will further enhance the streetscape with ground-level program that brings activity to the street while referencing the residential character of the area.

Building permits will need to applied for and obtained before construction can begin.


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  1. Waste of a lot spot. Why this isn’t a point tower atleast 20 stories is beyond me. We need more density and we get these 5 + 1s really odd not to maximize the total height here

  2. I like it. These types of buildings add quite a bit of density while still leaving room for a number of towers (Civic, Press Blocks, ART Tower, etc.). Any idea on if/when some of the other already approved buildings might break ground? Seems like the Press Blocks, 1725 SW Salmon, and 1440 SW Taylor have all been approved for a long while now.

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