News Roundup: Oregon Square, Flatworks, Hallock & McMillan, and more

Two new office buildings at Oregon Square, designed by GBD Architects, would include 370,000 sq ft of new office space.

American Assets Trust is looking at building two new office buildings* on Blocks 90 and 103 of the Lloyd District’s Oregon Square, reports the Daily Journal of Commerce. A previous proposal for the site was approved in 2015, but never broke ground.

Sturgeon Development Partners is planning an eight story cross-laminated timber office building in the Central Eastside, writes the Oregonian. Flatworks, located at 234 SE Grand Ave, is being designed by TVA Architects.

Building on History wrote about the “small miracle” of the restoration of the Hallock & McMillan on SW Naito Parkway.

The coronavirus is clouding the forecast for Portland Public Schools’ $1.4 billion bond campaign, planned for the November ballot, reports the Oregonian. If the district moves forward with the measure it would seek to fund the reconstruction of Cleveland High School, Jefferson High School and Wilson High School.

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6 thoughts on “News Roundup: Oregon Square, Flatworks, Hallock & McMillan, and more

  1. Unbelievable the turn of events at Oregon square they go from the grand original plans that nearly started to this? They should just wait and bounce back to the plans on the first sign of a boom.

  2. Since some (a lot?) of companies are rethinking how much office space they need in light of how successfully many of employees seem worked from home during the Covid-19 shutdown, is more office space a good investment? The demand for reasonably priced housing is great. But for office housing?

      • I guess I find new office space surprising as well. Remote work in my field was already fairly common, but it’s just going to accelerate now. Until there’s a vaccine there’s no way I’ll go to an office, and I doubt I’m the only one. I don’t need to be on a bus on with dozens of people to do my job.

  3. This seems like the time to develop more livable apartments with a bit more square footage, much better storage, and include home offices that could work as small second or third bedrooms for a young family. That would support a broader segment the population and support more people working from home and distance learning with kids. Portland needs apartments that are designed for families and long-term living.

    • Hmm, apartments with more storage, home offices, and more square footage sounds like more expensive apartments. Not sure that is what Portland needs right now

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