Weekly Roundup: OHSU Schnitzer Campus Block 6, PAE Living Building, Holden of Pearl, and more

Block 6 will be the next part of the OHSU Schnitzer Campus to be built out. The building will front onto SW Bond Ave, which is currently under construction.

The Portland Business Journal reported on the OHSU Schnitzer Campus Block 6, which form the next phase of the hospital’s South Waterfront development (subscription required). The hospital intends to build a $75 million parking structure with 1,200 spaces. The Portland Housing Bureau and a developer will fund the construction of a $40 million 121-unit affordable housing component.

The PAE Living Building proposal for Old Town drew praise* from the Historic Landmarks Commission, writes the Daily Journal of Commerce.

The Oregonian wrote about the Holden of Pearl, the senior living tower proposed in the Pearl District.

Craig Cheek of the Portland Diamond Project spoke to the Oregonian about the baseball stadium, ticket prices and state bonds.

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2 thoughts on “Weekly Roundup: OHSU Schnitzer Campus Block 6, PAE Living Building, Holden of Pearl, and more

  1. They’re building more parking?? They’ve got tons of it there already plus lots of public transportation. I thought we were supposed to be reducing auto-dependency, especially in areas ill-equipped to handle it. Why does OHSU need more parking after *just* completing a parking structure in its latest building?

    • There are quite a few reasons for OHSU to build more parking. For one, the surface lot at this location is required to go away soon per the land use review that allowed it to even exist at all. Secondly, the super high density currently planned for both on the hill and by the river requires them to build parking somewhere. Thirdly, the rapid expansion of OHSU has overwhelmed the capacity of the existing transit system. The aerial tram is at peak capacity for much of the day. The Park and Ride lots along the MAX Orange Line have become become de-facto parking lots for OHSU and PSU. All lots are full by 7 AM on school days, yet are only half full on days when college is on break.

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