Metro Reports: Stark St Apartments, Tru by Hilton, Derby NW, and more

Ankrom Moisan’s Stark Street Apartments at 12613 SE Stark St will include 153 units of affordable housing

Every week, the Bureau of Development Services publishes lists of Early Assistance applications, Land Use Reviews and Building Permits processed in the previous week. We publish the highlights.

Design Advice has been requested by FFA Architecture and Interiors for alterations to the 10th & Yamhill Smart Park Garage:

Alterations to smart park garage that include replacing existing stairways/elevators, new signage and awnings, reconstructed enterances and row encroachments. Green roofs are under consideration for new areas.

Design Advice has been requested by MCA Architects for a project at NW 13th & Savier:

Design Advice Request for 5-story self storage facility with ground floor retail

Early Assistance has been requested by LRS Architects for a project at 5734 E Burnside St:

4-story apartment building with ground floor retail and at grade parking. 3 stories of studio and 1-2 bedroom units.

Early Assistance has been requested by EPR Design for a project at 3244 SE 120th Ave:

New 16 unit building with pervious pavement and drywells for storm water runoff, 9 parking spaces in a garage and 7 spaces on private street. Seeking to meet Community Design Standards.

Early Assistance has been requested by DMS Architects for a project at 718 NE Dekum St:

Keep existing home on property and develop a new 3 story 6 unit apartment building with ground floor retail might want to divide the property located in the Woodlawn Conservation District

A Pre-Permit Zoning Check has been requested by Ankrom Moisan Architects for the Stark Street Apartments at 12613 SE Stark St:

Proposal for 153 units of affordable housing supported by home funds issued by PHB. The project is made up of two four story buildings with on-site parking to residents.

The Tru by Hilton at 7101 NE 82nd Ave has been submitted for Type III Conditional Use Review by JRA Architecture & Planning:

Proposal is to construct 98 guest room four story wood frame on-site parking suites hotel with pre-prepared breakfast (ho restaurant) on existing red lion hotel site. Remove existing 68 room red lion hotel annex in proposed construction area.

Interior alterations to the Meier & Frank Building have been submitted for permit review by Bora Architects:

Interior alteration -demolition of interior partitions, finishes, and associated materials. Demolish dedicated MEP systems serving current Macy’s tenant space. All work will be coordinated to ensure cotinuous operation of hotel floors above

A project at 5515 NE 17th Ave has been submitted for building permit review by CIDA Architects:

Construct new 3 story, 15 unit, apartment building with attached trash enclosure and associated site work

The Derby NW apartments at 1015 NW 16th Ave have been submitted for building permit review by Koz Development:

Construct 6-story mixed use 128 unit apartment building, on ground floor retail tenant space, bike storage, garbage room, electrical room and residential units and associated site work

A project at 1724 NE 45th Ave has been submitted for building permit review by Deca Architecture:

New 3 story w/ basement, 12 unit apartment building , includes associated sitework – prelim mtg 16-289387 bd –

A project at 9109 NE Cascades Parkway has been submitted for building permit review:

New three story office building with onsite parking, 204 S.F. Detached trash enclosure, includes associated sitework *** w/ MT permit and trash enclosure permit (17-117593-CO) ***

A building permit was issued to Koz Development for the 2165 SW Yamhill St apartments:

Construct new 4 story 30 unit apartment building; bike storage on lower floor mezannine level; associated site work