Analog Approved by Design Commission (images)

The Design Commission has approved Analog, a seven story residential building in Lower Albina / Eliot. The project design is by Works Progress Architecture for Ethos Development. The building will include 130 dwelling units; 23 vehicular parking spaces in a mechanical parking system; and 201 long term bicycle parking spaces.

The building will be subject to the city’s inclusionary housing rules, which require the provision of affordable housing or the payment of a fee-in-lieu.

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Under Construction: The Canyons (images)

Construction is underway on The Canyons, a ageing-in-place housing concept that focuses on accessibility and barrier-free living. The is being developed by Kaiser Group, with design by sister company PATH Architecture. The development includes a main building with 70 residential units and ground floor retail, plus two smaller buildings with 11 “work units”. 35 vehicular parking spaces are provided in a below-grade garage. 88 bicycle parking spaces are proposed.

The Canyons
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Modular Building at 1732 NE 2nd Ave Approved (images)

The Design Commission has approved two options for a building at 1732 NE 2nd Ave. The project by Works Progress Architecture will be either 6 or 9 stories tall, and will be constructed out of pre-fabricated modular units. Both options would include approximately 10,000 sq ft of double-sided ground floor retail, facing both NE Schuyler a new mid-block pedestrian only alley.

1732 NE 2nd Ave

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Works Partnership planning 9 story wood building near NE Broadway (images)

Works Partnership have received Design Advice for a proposed mixed use building at 1732 NE 2nd Ave. The architects intend to use nail-laminated timber for the 9 story building, which would add the building to the small but growing number of high rise wood buildings proposed in the US. At a height of 99’-10”, the project would be just shy of the 100′ height limit for the site. 141 residential units are proposed, above 9,867 sq ft of ground floor retail. Parking for 104 cars would be provided in a below grade garage.

1732 NE 2nd

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Design Approved for First Tall Cross-laminated Timber Building in America (images)

Designs have been approved for Carbon12, an 8 story building planned for N Williams Avenue. The designers of the project, PATH Architecture, expect that the 85′ tall structure will be the first tall building in the USA built using Cross-laminated Timber (CLT) as its structural system. The building will include 14 residential condominium units, as well as two ground floor retail units. With floorplates much skinnier than is typical in multifamily buildings Carbon12 will include only two residential units per floor. 22 parking spaces will be provided in a below grade mechanized parking system.


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Design Advice offered for Strata on N Williams (images)

Design-Build firm SolTerra have gone before the Design Commission for advice on their proposed Strata project on N Williams Ave. The mixed use building would include 5 floors of residential units, with 95 one and two bedroom units provided. The ground level would include 5 live/work units, as well as 3-4,000 sq ft of retail. 44 below-grade parking spaces and 144 long-term bike parking spaces would be provided for the use of the residents.


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Focus: Projects by Neighborhood

There are 95 neighborhoods recognized by Portland’s Office of Neighborhood Involvement, and Next Portland has now written posts about projects happening in 29 of them. In some of these neighborhoods we’ve written 20 or more posts; in almost half of them we’ve only written about one project. To a certain extent this reflects where development is happening: there are a number of cranes up in the Pearl for construction of high rises, while other neighborhoods don’t have a single pin on our map. It is also however a reflection of the fact that in the Central City Design Review is required for all projects; in other neighborhoods such as Northwest or Boise developers can choose between Design Review or the prescriptive Community Design Standards; while in other neighborhoods such as Richmond or Sunnyside projects never go through Design Review. As such there are sometimes no published images of large new buildings, even once they are under construction.

Over the past month we’ve added categories to all of our in depth posts. To see which neighborhoods we’ve written about the most, read on.


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Sustainability on display in Eliot: The Woods (images)

The Woods, a project by Solterra Systems and Design for Occupancy Architecture, has received its first review by the Design Commission. The proposed 6 story building will include 50 residential unit, a 2,151 sq ft retail space on the ground floor and a potential 521 sq ft retail space on the second floor. Stacked parking for 13 vehicles is proposed.

The Woods - Solterra Systems

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