The Fair-Haired Dumbbell returns in front of the Design Commission (images)

The Fair-Haired Dumbbell has returned in front of the Design Commission, with a revised strategy for its exterior skin. The 64,700 sq ft office and retail building by FFA Architecture and Interiors for Guerrilla Development was originally intended to be covered in a two different florentine wrapping paper designs. The project is now seeking approval as a blank white canvas to be covered with a hand painted mural, the design of which has not yet been chosen. A condition of approval for the building will require that the mural be approved by the Regional Arts & Culture Council through their public art murals process.

The Dumbbell

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The Fair Haired Dumbbell (images)

An initial Design Review hearing is approaching for the Fair Haired Dumbbell, the latest addition to the Burnside Bridgehead. The building takes its name from its arrangement in plan: two boxes linked by skybridges. Between the two boxes there will be 64,700 sq ft of space, made up primarily of retail and the ground floor and office space in the five floors above. The design of the project is by FFA Architecture and Interiors for Guerrilla Development.

The Fair Haired Dumbbell

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Metro Reports: 15 story tower proposed at 514 SE Belmont, permit issued for Hawthorne 31, and more


11th & Ankeny apartments

Every week, the Bureau of Development Services publishes lists of early assistance applications, land use reviews and building permits. We publish the highlights.

Urban Development Group have requested Design Advice for their project at 11th & Ankeny:

Design Advice Request for a new mixed-use building – 2191 sq ft retail; 84 residential units; 6081 sq ft of below ground parking (23 parking spaces total).

Early Assistance has been requested for a project at 7246 N Mohawk Ave:

17-18 unit multi family building with on-site storm handling. Transfer of density from neighboring site at 7922 N Ivanhoe. One house to remain on 7922 N Ivanhoe.

A Pre-Application Conference has been scheduled by Vallaster Corl Architects to discuss a project at 514 SE Belmont St:

Pre-App. Conference to discuss a Type III Historic Resource Review for a new 15-story mixed-use building with ground level retail, parking (approx. 90 spaces) on the 2nd and 3rd floors and 193 residential units on the upper floors.

A Pre-Permit Zoning Plan Check has been requested for a building at 3423 SE Hawthorne Blvd:

New four story 24 unit apartment building

Holst Architecture have submitted 510 NW 15th Ave for Design Review:

Renovation of 2 existing buildings to include seismic upgrades, 4 levels on the west building for creative office space

A demolition permit was issued to Works Partnership, which will enable a townhome development at 5711 E Burnside St to move ahead:

Demolish existing one story commercial building, 896 sf, requirement of final plat permit 15-108229FP, remove all debris

A pair of building permits were issued to FFA Architecture for the Tess O’ Brien apartments:

6 story 5/1, 74 apts

6 story 5/1, 52 apts

A building permit was issued for an apartment building at 4937 SE Division St by SERA Architects:

New 134 unit apartment building with retail at ground level and tuck under parking.

A building permit was issued to TVA Architects for the Hawthorne 31 Apartments at 1515 SE 31st Ave:

New 4-story mixed use building with ground floor retail and 30 apartment units in floors 2-4.

A building permit was issued for a new building at 6030 SE 52nd Ave:

New 2 story commercial building; shell only; with associated site work. No occupancy under this permit, separate ti permits required for occupancy. Sprinkler/alarm required.

Metro reports: Cherry Park School, Station Place Lot 5, Industrial Home Building and more

Industrial Home Building

Industrial Home Building

Every week, the Bureau of Development Services publishes lists of early assistance applications, land use reviews and building permits. We publish the highlights.

GBD Architects have requested Design Advice for South Waterfront Block 41:

Design Advice Request for new apartment building

Myhre Group Architects have requested Early Assistance for a project at 5025 NE 21st Ave:

27-30 unit multi-family housing community. Wood framed 4-story structure. If necessary, relocate the existing internal property line.

GBD Architects and THA Architects have scheduled a Pre-Application Conference to discuss Station Place Lot 5:

Proposal is for an approx. nine story building with approx. 220,000 GSF including leaseable office space and ground floor retail and parking.

FFA Architecture and Interiors have scheduled a Pre-Application Conference to discuss an addition to the Industrial Home Building at 200 SE Martin Luther King Blvd:

This is a proposed addition to expand the current Industrial Home Building located on the property to accommodate tenant expansion plans. The current parking will be maintained with two connection floors above to be added. The addition is approx. 5660 sf in total with the consideration of a green roof system

Ankrom Moisan Architects have submitted 535 NW 11th Ave for Design Review:

15 story mixed use apartment building in River District. FAR transfer for additional height. Modifications to Ground Floor Windows, Minimum Ground Floor Active Uses, Minimum Active Floor Area, and Parking Area Layouts. Adjustment to Loading Spaces. PBOT Design Exception for garage door within 20 feet of lot line.

Ankrom Moisan Architects have submitted 915 SE Belmont St for building permit review:

6 story mixed use

Allusa Architecture have submitted the 97th Ave Gymnasium for building permit review:

Construct new gymnasium

A building permit was issued to Colab Architecture for a project at 2240 NW Pettygrove St:

New 5 story apartment building with eco roof, no onsite parking, stormwater facilites and site improvements included

A building permit was issued for a convenience store at 5025 NE 101st Ave:

New single story 3,024 sq foot convenience store with parking lot improvements on lot with existing service canopy to remain – separate permit for trash enclosure

A building permit was issued for an addition to the Cherry Park School:

Addition with 5 classrooms, office and main entry, fire wall division of (E) buildng


Tess O’Brien Apartments set for approval (updated)

After one previous Design Review hearing, the Tess O’Brien Apartments are recommended for approval in a Revised Staff Report [PDF]. The design, by FFA Architecture and Interiors, is for two separate 6 story buildings with a shared courtyard. One building will face NW Overton St, while the other NW Pettygrove St. Together, they will have 126 units. No on-site parking is proposed.

December 4, 2014 LU 14-220722 DZM AD - Tess O’Brien Apartments - Drawings - 1

Perspective from NW Overton

The proposed street facing facades are primarily red brick, with fiber cement lap siding accents. The courtyard walls are fiber cement, and the gable walls stucco.

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