Weekly Roundup: Ahavath Achim, Block 290, 1510 NE Multnomah, and more

Con-way Block 290

Image from the Design Review submission for the Slabtown Square at Con-way Block 290, by YBA Architects

As Portland gets ready to implement Inclusionary Zoning for the first time, the DJC reported* on the discussions being held by the Inclusionary Housing Panel of Experts. The panel is working to “recommend a set [of regulations] that provides affordable housing without discouraging development.”

OPB reported that the Portland City Council voted to refer a $258 million bond measure for affordable housing to the voters in November. If approved, the measure would create 1,300 housing units, at a cost of $75 a year in taxes for the typical homeowner.

Portland Shoupistas asked if the Portland City Council suppressed the supply of housing in 2013 when in many areas of the city it added minimum parking requirements for buildings with more than 30 units. This Wednesday the City Council will consider zoning changes related to parking in Northwest Portland. Members of the NW Parking Stakeholder Advisory Committee are likely to request that the City Council extend the minimum parking requirements into the Northwest District.

A historic synagogue at 3225 SW Barbur Blvd could be threatened by new development, according to the Willamette Week. The distinctive dome of Ahavath Achim was designed by noted mid-century architect John Storrs. A recent Early Assistance application was received by the City for a 30-unit apartment complex on the site.

The Northwest Examiner reported [PDF] that Guardian Real Estate Services is placing the Slabtown Square at Con-way Block 290 on hold as it reconsiders its options for the site. The project was scheduled to go before the Design Commission on May 19th, but was rescheduled to a date “TBD”. The paper also revealed that XPO Logistics, who bought Con-way last year, are “looking to sell the seven remaining unclaimed acres in the [Con-way] Masterplan area to a national developer.”

The Business Tribune wrote about 1510 NE Multnomahthe 677 unit development by Holst Architecture, planned for the parking lot of the Regal Lloyd Center 10 & IMAX. The project had its first Design Review hearing on June 30th.

The Portland City Council voted to approve a policy that will make closing sidewalks and bike lanes a “last resort” during construction projects.

A groundbreaking ceremony was held for the Broadway Tower, according to the Portland Business Journal. The Portland Chronicle covered the demolition of the Oregonians Credit Union building, which was formerly located on the site.

The City has fired the contractor that was developing ITAP, the new permitting software for the Bureau of Development Services. Despite spending $3.9 million on the project to date, the software is years behind schedule and nowhere near complete.

Next City asked if National Treasure designation will save Veterans Memorial Coliseum?

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Metro Reports: Pearl Block 20, 1510 NE Multnomah, Jefferson 14 and more

Jefferson 14 Apartments

Jefferson 14 Apartments

Every week, the Bureau of Development Services publishes lists of Early Assistance applications, Land Use Reviews and Building Permits. We publish the highlights.

ZGF Architects have requested Design Advice for a project at 500 NE Multnomah St:

Replace existing garage with new parking structure at 500 NE Multnomah St.

Soderstrom Architects have requested Early Assistance for a project at St Thomas More Catholic School:

Rebuild existing school and parish hall. Provide for more and better on-site parking. In-ground tankage for stormwater.

LEEB Architects have scheduled a Pre-Application Conference to discuss a project at 1440 SW Taylor St:

Pre-application conference to discuss a 6-story, 81-unit, residentail apartment with lobby, trash area, bike storage and parking garage for 30 cars on ground floor.

SERA Architects have scheduled a Pre-Application Conference to discuss a project at 909 SE 12th Ave:

Pre-application conference to discuss a 148 unit, 6-story, market-rate apartment building with ground floor retail and basement parking.

A Pre-Application Conference has been scheduled to discuss a project at 6125 SE Division St:

New memory care facility building (14,000 sq ft) consisting of 18 private and 5 double units for a total of 28 beds/residents. Building to also include a dining area, courtyard, and support facilities. 42 structured parking spaces with at-grade entry.

Holst Architecture have submitted 1510 NE Multnomah for Design Review:

Type III Design Review and Central City Parking Review for a new multi-building, mixed-use development. The project will include housing and retail uses, underground parking, private streets and pedestrian corridors. The Design Commission has offered guidance in a DAR (EA 15-167229). And, earlier this year the applicant met with staff in an Early Assistance meeting (EA 15-189556).

Bora Architects have submitted Pearl Block 20 for Design Review:

Proposed high-rise condominium building with above-grade parking.

Soderstrom Architects have submitted a Conditional Use Master Plan Amendment for a project at 2145 NW Overton St:

For Conditional Use Master Plan Amendment to Allow Converting the Overton Warehouse to Parking.

Stack Architecture have submitted a project at 714 NE Alberta St for building permit review:

Addition to NW side of the building for new elevator shaft and trash enclosure; full interior remodel of 1st and second floor; remove interior walls and add new walls to create waiting area, exam rooms, offices, restrooms, meeting room, and worstations area; new landscaping and restriping of parking lot

Doug Circosta Architect has submitted a project at 201 SE 146th Ave for building permit review:

Construct new 3 story (24 unit) apartment building with associated site work; new play area, sports field area, and parking lot building 1 of 6, building 100

Construct new 2 story (2 unit) apartment building with common area on main floor and laundry roombuilding 2 of 6, building 200

Construct new 3 story (11 unit) apartment building with trash room on main floor3 of 6 building, building 300

Construct new 3 story (24 unit) apartment building; 4 of 6 building, building 400

Construct new 3 story (12 unit) apartment building 5 of 6 building, building 500

Construct new 3 story (19 unit) apartment building with storage area on main floor6 of 6 building, building 600

Valeant Architecture have submitted a project at 2720 SE Steele St for building permit review:

Construct new 3 story (7 unit) apartment building; with attached bike storage and trash enclosure; new parking lot

A building permit was issued to TVA Architects for the Jefferson 14 Apartments:

New 6 story apartment building, landscaping and site improvements

A building permit was issued to Works Partnership for the PDX Commons co-housing at 4262 SE Belmont St:

New 4 story 27 unit apartment building with shared amenities, ground level parking and one tenant space, stormwater facility and site improvements.

A building permit was issued to Green Gables Design & Restoration for a project at 1970 NW 18th Ave:

New construction of building to house 3 tenants, 2 story at center; main floor includes tenant spaces, 2 accessible restrooms and common area, 2nd floor is a part of tenant 1, overhead door at tenat 3 space; stormwater planter facility at exterior and pavers

1510 NE Multnomah has third Design Advice hearing (images)

The Lloyd Cinemas redevelopment has gone before the Design Commission for a third Design Advice Request hearing. The project by Holst Architecture and 2.ink Studio massing has evolved since it was presented to the Commission in October, and is now imagined as a series of volumes that “weave together to form a village character”. The project continues to include a diagonal multimodal path through the site, connecting the Sullivan’s Gulch neighborhood to the Lloyd Center / NE 11th Ave MAX stop. At the ground level the project will have active uses, including restaurants, retail, maker space, micro restaurant and residential amenity spaces. Residential units will be located in the five floors above the ground. Though the current drawings do not list the number of units planned, the previous iteration proposed 680 residential units and 650 parking spaces in the first phase.

1510 NE Multnomah

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Focus: Our 25 Most Popular Posts of the Year

The Goat Blocks

LOCA @ The Goat Blocks, the subject of our second most viewed post of 2015

2015 is the first full calendar year Next Portland has been in operation, and it’s been a year of huge growth for the site. As the year draws to a close it seemed like a good time to look at what the most popular posts of the year were. If there’s an overall trend evident it’s that posts about tall or large buildings do well. The single most popular post was the round up of the 25 tallest buildings planned or under construction. Posts about high rise buildings under construction—including Block 136, The Cosmopolitan, The NV (formerly The Overton), and Yard (formerly Block 67)—feature prominently in the list. The giant development at Oregon Square makes the list three times, and the redevelopment of the USPS site in the Pearl is included three times. The most popular post about a single project covered LOCA @ The Goat Blocks, a superblock development currently under construction in inner Buckman.

Other posts to make the top 25 were more surprising. The list includes the Worldmark by Wyndham and The Society Hotel, both relatively small hotel projects in Old Town. The initial post about 3rd & Taylor likely performed so well not because of the scale of the project, but because Next Portland was the first place to write about the potential demolition of the Hotel Albion. At only 8 stories Carbon12 wouldn’t come close to making the list of the tallest buildings planned for Portland, but is notable for the fact that the high rise structure will be built out of wood.

Were there any posts you particularly enjoyed reading this year? Let us know in the comments. Here is the full list of our most popular posts of 2015:

1 – Focus: 25 Tallest Buildings Planned or Under Construction

2 – LOCA @ The Goat Blocks

3 – Burnside Bridgehead, Pt II: Block 67

4 – Focus: 20 New Hotels Proposed For Portland

5 – Worldmark by Wyndham set to receive Design Advice

6 – Carbon12, an 8 story wood building, proposed for N Williams

7 – Concepts released for redevelopment of USPS site

8 – Pre-Application Conference scheduled for SW 3rd & Taylor

9 – Under Construction in Old Town: The Society Hotel

10 – Cook Street Apartments

11 – Lloyd Cinemas redevelopment returns in front of Design Commission (images)

12 – The Fair Haired Dumbbell

13 – Burnside Bridgehead, pt I: Block 75

14 – PDC identifies preferred concept for Post Office site

15 – Block 136 heading to Design Review

16 – Under Construction in South Waterfront: Block 37

17 – North Pearl High-Rises, Part II: The Overton

18 – Design Commission approves Oregon Square

19 –Design Commission reviews Oregon Square

20 – Oregon Square update

21 – North Pearl High-Rises, Part I: The Cosmopolitan on the Park

22 – Design Commission approves The Porter hotel

23 – 4th & Harrison returning for Design Advice

24 – Grand Belmont returns before Historic Landmarks Commission

25 – Hyatt Regency at the Oregon Convention Center


Weekly Roundup: 120 SE Clay, Lloyd cinemas, Slabtown marketplace and more

120 SE Clay

120 SE Clay by developer Killian Pacific and architects Ankrom Moisan / Potestio Studio

Developer Killian Pacific announced this week that they are planning a second new office building in the Central Eastside, at 120 SE Clay. The project will be located one block to the west of their under construction Clay Creative project.

Portland Architecture published a Thanksgiving state of the city essay, looking at both the things to be grateful for and the things to be anxious about.

Breakside Brewing will open its third location at the LL Hawkins and Slabtown Marketplacereported the Willamette Week. The brewpub will join New Seasons, Consolidated Community Credit Union and Besaw’s restaurant.

Regal Cinemas have filed a lawsuit over the planned development at 1510 NE Multnomahwhich would replace the surface parking at the Regal Lloyd Center 10 & IMAX. As reported by The Oregonian “lawsuit contends that the parking at the site is ‘a material term’ of Eastgate’s lease and ‘critically necessary’ to the use of the property.”

Lloyd Cinemas redevelopment returns in front of Design Commission (images)

The Lloyd Cinemas redevelopment has returned in front of the Design Commission for a second Design Advice Request hearing. The project by Holst Architecture and 2.ink Studio is now proposed to be developed in two phases. The first phase on the western portion of the site would include 680 residential units and 650 parking spaces. A future second phase would include a high rise tower, and a total of 570 residential units and 440 parking spaces. Both phases would include active uses at the ground level, including restaurants, retail, maker space, micro restaurant and residential amenity spaces.

1510 NE Multnomah - Lloyd Cinemas

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Metro Reports: Broadstone Pearl, Faubion Elementary, Hallock & McMillen Building and more

Broadstone Pearl - 1400 NW Raleigh

Broadstone Pearl, as presented during Design Advice

Every week, the Bureau of Development Services publishes lists of early assistance applications, land use reviews and building permits. We publish the highlights.

TVA Architects have requested Early Assistance for a project at 442 NE Jessup St:

New 4-story V-A Multi family apartment w/13 units (studio and 1&2 bedroom mix). Landscape ROW improvements are included, including sidewalk improvement, where required. No parking provided.

TVA Architects have requested Early Assistance for a project at 4119 NE M L King Blvd:

New 4-story V-A Multi family apartment w/13 units (studio and 1&2 bedroom mix). Landscape ROW improvements are included, including sidewalk improvement, where required. No parking provided.

Studio 3 Architecture have requested Early Assistance for a project at 7924 SE Milwaukie Ave:

Add one building with four apartments behind existing house.

Iselin Architects have requested Early Assistance for a project at 8705 SE 13th Ave:

Demo existing industrial building and construct a new 4 story building with approx 6k sq of retail space at main level and 3 stories of apartments (24 units) above.

Holst Architecture have scheduled a Pre-Application Conference to discuss 1510 NE Multnomah:

Proposal is for multiple building mixed used development w/underground parking, private streets and pedestrian access corridors.

Ankrom Moisan Architects have scheduled a Pre-Application Conference to discuss Riverplace Parcel 3:

Proposal is for two towers on single site with a single level of parking below grade (173 spaces). One tower will be 6 stories with retail and grocery space at ground level and 5 levels of apartments (162 units.) second tower will be 12 stories with retail, residential amenities and parking for grocery (65 spaces) and ten stories of affordable apartments above for 204 units.

Encore Architects and Merryman Barnes Architects have submitted the Broadstone Pearl at 1400 NW Raleigh for Design Review:

6-story, 146-unit residential project with a small ground-level retail space, 73 parking spaces and 231 bike parking spaces. Also an Adjustment to loading and driveway locations.

LRS Architects have submitted a project at 1139 SW Morrison St for Design Review:

Type III Design Review for a new 6-story office building – 58,862 square feet. The project will include ground-floor retail and approx. 12-18 below-grade parking spaces.

Emerick Architects have submitted the renovation of the Hallock & McMillen Building for Historic Resource Review:

Full restoration & renovation or Historic 1857 Halloc & McMillen Building.

Boora Architects have submitted the Faubion Elementary School Rebuild for building permit review:

New three story, 133,000 sf pre kindergarten through 8th grade school with spaces for Concordia University college of education classrooms, offices, and community service partner organizations

A building permit is under review for the Holiday Inn Express at Cascade Station:

New 4 story, 107 room holiday inn express to include breakfast area, laundry room, fitness room, check-in/lifestyle lounge, covered patio, pool with patio and bike parking w/associated parking, utilities and landscaping. 189 sq foot detached trash enclosure

A building permit has been issued to EPR Design for a project at 12221 SE Kelly St:

Construct new 2 story, 41 room care facility (42 total beds) with elevator; main floor includes lobby, laundry room, kitchen, dining hall, activity room, offices and resident rooms; 2nd floor includes laundry room, acitivies room, salon and resident rooms, parking, bike parking and stormwater facilities included, detached covered trash enclosure is 120sf (exempt)

Weekly Roundup: New Seasons, Little Big Burger, Flying Fish Company, Hop Dog and more

New Seasons has opened at the Slabtown Marketplace

New Seasons has opened at the Slabtown Marketplace

At Portland Architecture Brian Libby interviewed Kengo Kuma, the Japanese architect behind the Japanese Garden ExpansionThe acclaimed architecture shared his thoughts on thoughts on Portland, the role of Japanese Gardens in urban settings and the material choices made for his new buildings in Portland.

The first building in the Conway Masterplan opened this week. New Seasons are the anchor tenant at the Slabtown Marketplace on Conway Block 296. An adjacent apartment building on the same block, the LL Hawkins, will open later in the year.

The Portland City Council voted to make changes to the property tax exemption system designed to entice developers to build affordable housing. The annual cap will be lifted from $1 million to $3 million, and the competitive application system will be scrapped. The changes are intended to create up to 200 affordable units a year. Separately, the Portland Housing Advisory Commission recommended that Portland should increase the share of urban renewal money used for affordable housing from 30% to 50%.

As news broke that local chainlet Little Big Burger had been sold to Chanticleer Holdings, it was announced that the burger company will open a location at Hassalo on Eighth in late 2015.

Hop Dog, the latest restauartant concept from former Little Big Burger owners Katie Poppe and Micah Camden, has opened in the 12|Stark building downtown.

The Alameda retail development Lyon Court has secured its first tenant. The as yet unnamed wine bar will be operated by J. Mikey Lynch.

According to the Hollywood Star News, neighbors in NE Portland have created a petition to keep the Regal Lloyd Cinemas 10. The buildings are set to be replaced by the 1510 NE Multnomah development.

Flying Fish company has launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund an oyster bar and new retail location at The Shore on NE Sandy Blvd.

The Portland Chronicle reported on a planned 18 unit building at 6205 N Minnesota. The development will replace a vacant single family home.

Design Advice offered for Lloyd Cinemas redevelopment (images)

Design Advice has been offered to Holst Architecture and 2.ink Studio for their planned redevelopment of the Regal Cinemas Lloyd Center 10 site. The project on a nearly 6 block site will include 980 residential units in three buildings, with 41,260 sq ft of retail space and 13,950 sq ft of community space. Parking for 873 vehicles is proposed.


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Weekly Roundup: Lloyd Cinemas, Erickson Saloon & Fritz Hotel, and more

1510 NE Multnomah

1510 NE Multnomah

As a first Design Advice hearing approaches for 1510 NE Multnomah, the Willamette Week reported that the Regal Lloyd Center 10 theaters will stay open for now. Regal Entertainment Group is exploring options for a replacement cinema in the district.

The Portland Business Journal reported that leasing has begun on the Modera Goose Hollow, previously known as the Jefferson St Flats.

Innovative Housing has completed work on their renovation of The Erickson Saloon and Fritz Hotel, which linked the two Old Town buildings together and converted them into apartments. The Daily Journal of Commerce published a photo gallery of the finished project.

BikePortland continued its series on the evolution of the Lloyd District with a post that explored the ‘secret history of Portland’s weirdest neighborhood‘.