Weekly Roundup: Hampton Inn, Custom Blocks, Garlington Center, and more

Custom Blocks

Interior of the Custom Blocks development, by developer Capstone Partners and architect Scott Edwards Architecture.

Eater PDX reported that chef David Machado will open Tanner Creek Tavern this summer in the Pearl District Hampton Inn & Suites.

The Business Tribune looked at the transformation of the Goat Blocks.

Places over Time studied the past, present and future of the Lloyd Districtwhich is being transformed by developments such as Oregon Square, 1400 NE Multnomah, 1510 NE Multnomah and Block 45.

The Custom Blocks at 1340 SE 9th Ave and 925 SE Main St are the latest industrial buildings in the Central Eastside to be converted to creative office use. The Business Tribune looked at how the buildings are evolving.

The Portland Business Journal reported that the Garlington Center affordable housing / health care development has been awarded $4.5M in tax credits.

Oregon Business reported that Portland is getting ready to issue $9 million of bonds to fund future affordable housing projects, backed by revenues from short term rentals such as airbnb.

Design Commission approves phased Oregon Square (pt I) (images)

The Design Commission has approved revised designs for Oregon Square, which will now be split into two phases. The project by GBD Architects will redevelop four city blocks in the Lloyd District owned by American Assets Trust, with development on the western two blocks happening first. The first phase, which will include Blocks 90 and 91, will have a combined total of 619 residential units, 23,738 sq ft of ground floor retail and 169 underground parking stalls. The buildings will be arranged around a new pedestrian only public space, designed by landscape architects PLACE.

Oregon Square Phased

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Metro Reports: Station Place Lot 5, 72Foster, 1500 SW Taylor, and more

Station Place Lot 5

A building permit was issued for Station Place Lot 5 by Hacker architects

Every week, the Bureau of Development Services publishes lists of Early Assistance applications, Land Use Reviews and Building Permits processed in the previous week. We publish the highlights.

SERA Architects have requested Design Advice for a project at 1500 SW Taylor St:

Design Advice Request for a Type III Design Review for the construction of a new 10-story mixed-use building with some ground-level retail and residential development, approximately 150 residential units. The project will include two-levels of below-grade parking. See parent folder (PC 16-175812).

Early Assistance has been requested by William Wilson Architects for a project at 310 SE 12th Ave:

Proposal is for new four-story 84 unit apartment building with basement.

Early Assistance has been requested by Ankrom Moisan Architects for the N Williams Center at 2156 N Williams Ave:

Demo existing buildings and develop a new 4 story 61 unit apartment building with 30 parking spaces

Early Assistance has been requested by Wright Architecture for a project at 6804 N Maryland Ave:

New 3 Story 6 unit development with property to be divided; Questions regarding feasibility.

Early Assistance has been requested by TVA Architects for a project at 1120 NW 21st Ave:

Proposal is for a new four-story 45ft tall mixed-use/multi family residential development including 46 apartments, ground floor leaseable space, ROW and site improvements, landscaping and 51 long term and 3 short term bike parking stalls. On on-site parking provided.

Early Assistance has been requested by Holst Architecture for 72Foster at 7120 SE Foster Rd:

Project consists of new 80,000 sf four story building that will include 108 affordable housing units with approx. 10,000 sf of ground floor retail space and approx. 54 parking spaces.

Early Assistance has been requested by TVA Architects for a project at 3802 NE Martin Luther King Jr Blvd :

Early Assistance with meeting to discuss proposal for a new (5-story, 57′ tall) multi-family residential development.

Early Assistance has been requested by Merryman Barnes Architects for the King Parks apartments at 6445 NE Martin Luther King Jr Blvd:

New development of a 69 unit affordable housing project with community room, orrices and service spaces on the ground floor with 24 parking spaces accessed off the alley.

Early Assistance has been requested by TVA Architects for a project at 5036 NE Sandy Blvd:

New 6 story market rate mixed-use/multi-family development. 90 units proposed with 1 floor mixed use retail, 21 car parking spaces and 139 bike parking spaces.

Early Assistance has been requested by Gerald Rembowski Architect for a project at 1125 N Schmeer Rd:

Two lot land division in order to be able to build second hotel with 76 rooms on the proposed eastern lot.

A Pre-Application Conference has been scheduled by LRS Architects and Lever Architecture for Block 45:

A Pre-Application Conference to discuss a proposal for a new twelve story building. The building is proposed to have 7,500 square feet of ground floor retail and approximately 264 residential units. Project is a mix of affordable and market rate housing. No parking is proposed.

LRS Architects have submitted NW 14th & Raleigh for Design Review:

New construction of a twelve story building with 93 units of affordable housing, associated resident amenities and a ground floor commercial space on a 10,000 sf site. Parking for 16 cars will be provided on the ground floor.

GBD Architects have submitted revisions to Oregon Square for Design Review:

Type III Design Review for a 4-block phased development. Changes to LU 15-156716 are being proposed. Phase 1 is the superblock be developed into two apartment towers around a publicly accessed ped-only plaza.

Works Partnership have applied for demolition permit and building permit for a project at 110 SE Washington St:

Demo existing 2 story warehouse

Construct new 9 story building with underground parking;

Urban Development Group have applied for a building permit for a project at 316 NE 28th Ave:

Construct new, 4 story apartment building with 74 units, below grade parking

Building permits are under review for a project at 6400 SW Canyon Ct:

Building 1 – 76 units, 4 stories of living over 2 stories of below grade parking

Building 2 – 72 units, 4 stories of living over 2 stories of structured parking

Building 3 – 59 units, 3 stories over 1 story of structured parking

Building 4 – 60 units, 3 stories of living over 1 floor of structural parking

Stack Architecture have submitted a project at N Crawford & N Charleston Ave for building permit review:

New construction apartment bldg on north side of property – see 16-185213-CO for attached plaza and apartment bldg C

New construction 4 over 1 apartment building with parking garage and plaza -see 16-185235-CO for bldgs A&B

Iselin Architects have submitted a project at 8705 SE 13th Ave for building permit review:

New 5 story 24 unit apartment building with underground parking

Bora Architects have applied for a foundation permit for Block 20:

Block 20 – Foundation permit for 21 story condo tower – This permit includes piles, pile caps, below grade utilities and slab on grade.

Building permit is under review for a project at 223 SE 146th Ave:

Construct 3 story, 3 unit apartment building

Construct 3 story, 24 unit apartment building

Construct 3 story, 24 unit apartment building, includes parking and associated site work, detached trash enclosure is less than 120ft in area

Ankrom Moisan Architects have submitted the East Burnside Apartments at 10506 E Burnside for building permit review:

New construction of five story multidwelling residential building, consisting of 52 unit with 15 tuck-under parking spaces. Interior trash room

Myhre Group Architects have submitted a project at 5025 NE 21st Ave for building permit review:

Construct new 4 story, 28 unit apartment building, no parking, includes associated site work

Urban Development Group have submitted a project at 4926 SE Division St for building permit review:

New construction of a mixeduse building consisting of 127 apartment units and 7000 sf of ground floor commercial space; below grade parking

Myhre Group Architects have submitted a project at 4901 SE Hawthorne Blvd for building permit review:

Construct new 4 story mixed use building with (46) units and 2737 sf of retail, interior trash room

The Seven Corners Community Collaborative at 1949 SE Division St has been submitted for building permit review:

Construct new 4 story office building with retail and parking on ground floor, offices on floors 2-4, includes associated site work

Building permits are under review for a project at 5414 SE Duke St:

New 2-story building with 8 guest rooms

New 2-story building with 8 guest rooms

New 2-story building with 8 guest rooms

A building permit was issued to Scott Edwards Architecture for a project at 1451 NE Alberta St:

Redevelopment of existing building to create ground floor warm shell retail and two floors – 10 units – residential units above. Including street landscaping. Separate tenant improvement permit required for occupancy of 1st floor shell space.

A partial permit for excavation and piling at Station Place Lot 5 was issued to Hacker Architects:

Partial Permit for new 8 story building, scope includes erosion control/site preparation, excavation/piling, underground utilities, entire concrete structure.

An excavation and shoring was issued to GBD Architects for the Broadway Tower:

Excavation and Shoring for new 19 story commercial high rise structure with retail, office and hotel uses and 4 floors of below grade parking

A building permit was issued for a project at 2845 NE Columbia Blvd:

Construct new 103,912 sq ft, 3 story self storage building with associated utilities, parking and landscaping.

Weekly Roundup: Oregonian Publishing Building, Old Town Block 33, 2035 Comprehensive Plan, and more

Centers and Corridors - 2035 Comprehensive Plan

The “Centers and Corridors” identified in the 2035 Comprehensive Plan. In the next 20 years City Planners anticipate that 50 percent of Portland’s growth will occur in the “Centers and Corridors”. 30 percent will occur in the Central City, with the remaining 20 percent of the growth happening in the rest of the city.

The DJC reported ($) on Urban Renaissance Group’s big plans for the Oregonian Publishing buildings at 817 SW 17th Ave. The redevelopment of the one and half blocks in Goose Hollow could include a full block residential tower by Mithun, with different options “ranging from 245 feet in 21 stories to 325 feet in 29 stories.” The half block parcel would developed as an eight story office building, 115′ in height, designed by GBD Architects.

The Portland Business Journal reported on a potentially “catalytic” development on Old Town Chinatown Block 33. Guardian Real Estate is planning a project with “up to 300 residential units, ground-floor retail and a new hotel”.

A proposed 1% Construction Excise Tax had a first reading at City Council, with all five City Commissioners indicated support for the proposal. The Portland Mercury reported that the biggest question was whether multifamily buildings should be treated as “residential” or “commercial” properties.

OPB reported that ground was broken on the OHSU Knight Cancer Research Building.

The Business Tribune covered the proposed changes to the Oregon Square development. A Pre-Application Conference was recently held, in advance of the submittal of a revised Design Review application.

The City Council approved the 2035 Comprehensive Plan, the 20 year growth plan that has been years in the making. Changes to City code will start coming into effect in 2018.

The Bureau of Planning & Sustainability has released the draft recommendations for the Residential Infill Project. OPB discussed what it could mean with two members of the Stakeholder Advisory Committee.

The Oregonian looked into how the Lloyd Center Remodel could help the mall recapture the hearts of Portlanders.

Weekly Roundup: Oregon Square, Slabtown, Spokane.13 and more

1015 NW 16th Ave

Elevation of the proposed apartment building at 1015 NW 16th Ave, as shown at the Pre-Application Conference in March

The DJC reported ($) that Oregon Square will be proceeding as a phased development. The western two buildings, Block 90 and Block 91, will be built first, and include around 560 units. American Assets Trust vice president and regional manager Wade Lange, quoted in the article, stated that they have asked GBD Architects to “keep it as close to the previously approved design (as possible)”.

The former Slabtown bar at 1015 NW 16th Ave was demolished this week, according to the Portland Mercury. A new 6-story, 153-unit studio apartment building by Koz Development is set to replace it.

The Oregonian reported that Portland is now the 26th largest city in the US. The paper noted that “between July 2014 and July 2015, Portland’s population increased 1.9 percent, or by 11,889 people”. Looking at the same data, BikePortland concluded that “Portland is finally adding homes almost as fast as people are moving here“.

The Atlantic asked whether “Portland [can] avoid repeating San Francisco’s mistakes” around housing.

The Business Tribune wrote about TVA Architect’s Spokane.13 apartment building, currently going up in the Sellwood neighborhood. The 4 story mixed use building will have 30 residential units and two commercial spaces at the ground floor.

Focus: Portland’s Tallest Planned Buildings (2016)

Image from the Discussion Draft of the Central City 2035 Plan (Bureau of Planning & Sustainability).

Image from the Discussion Draft of the Central City 2035 Plan, showing a possible development scenario approximating future growth in the Pearl District over 20 years (Bureau of Planning & Sustainability). At least two of the sites shown as potentially developable have current proposals on them.

It is just over a year since Next Portland last did a roundup of the tallest buildings planned or under construction in Portland. At that time, we counted 25 buildings over 100′ in height planned. Today we count 40. Given the length of time it takes to complete a high rise building, many of the buildings on the 2016 were also on the 2015 list. Four buildings are no longer on the list this year, due to having been completed: Block 17, Pearl West, the Aster Tower and Park Avenue West. Seven buildings that were still in the design phase last year are now under construction. No building on last year’s list is known to have been cancelled.

Read on to see our complete list. Where possible, the heights given are the building height as defined in the Portland Zoning Code and published in the Design Commission’s Final Findings. In some cases the heights have been estimated.

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Metro Reports: Mississippi, Modera, Milwaukie, Minnesota and more

Hill Park Apartments

A building permit was issued for the Hill Park Apartments at SW 1st and Arthur. The building by Carleton Hart Architects for Central City Concern will include 39 units of affordable housing.

Every week, the Bureau of Development Services publishes lists of Early Assistance applications, Land Use Reviews and Building Permits. We publish the highlights.

Early Assistance has been requested by Lever Architecture for a project at 3928 N Williams Ave:

Renovate building to include retail and commercial/residential uses, and development of 5 story 18,000 SF detached building for retail, commercial/residential uses.

A Pre-Application Conference has been scheduled by GBD Architects to discuss Oregon Square:

2 towers – 1 23 story & 1 11story – residential development with underground parking connection. Ground floor retail – with outdoor plaza.

The Modera Davis at 205 NW 10th Ave has been submitted for Design Review by SERA Architects:

Design review with 3 modifications for a 12-story market-rate apartment building with ground floor retail and below grade parking. 204 residential units are proposed with 145 basement parking spaces.

A building permit is under review for a project at 2915 SE Division St: 

New 4 story, 20 unit apartment building with onsite stormwater planter

A building permit is under review for a project at 4723 NE 99th Ave: 

Construct new triplex with associated site work

Urban Development Group have submitted a project at 6003 SE Milwaukie Ave for building permit review:

New 4 story, 47 unit apartment building with underground parking

A building permit was issued to Carleton Hart Architecture for the Hill Park Apartments at 110 SW Arthur St:

Hill Park – New, 3-story multi-family project with 39 units of studio and 1 bedroom apartments. Geopier install for soil stabilization

A building permit was issued for a project at 5425 N Minnesota Ave:

Construct a six unit three story apartment building with 2 bedroom/1 bath units with living room, dining room, kitchen, and washer/dryer closet. Trash enclosure.

A building permit was issued to Studio3 Architecture for the Mississippi Apartments at 878 N Fremont St:

New mixed use 4 story building, underground parking, first floor commercial use and 45 apartments above. Maximizing allowed commercial uses per COA in LU 06-118204 CP ZC, cannot expand corner retail space beyond square footage shown on approved ground floor plan, or convert two smaller office spaces to retail, to stay within 70 trip cap.

Oregon Square, part V: Block 103

This post is the fifth and final post in a series on Oregon Square, focusing on Block 103. See also Part I about the urban design and landscaping, Part II about Block 91, Part III about Block 102 and Part IV about Block 90.

Rising to a height of 340′-6″, Block 103 would not only be tallest of the four buildings planned for American Assets Trust’s Oregon Square development, but would also be Portland’s tallest building east of the Willamette.  The architects for the 30 story tower are GBD Architects, who are working with PLACE for the landscape design. The building will include 347 residential units and almost 12,000 sq ft of ground floor retail. A rooftop terrace is proposed for level 6 of the building, on top of the lower sidecar portion of the building. The 30th floor is proposed to be entirely given over to amenity spaces, including a community room, demonstration kitchen, private dining room, a fitness center, spa, and kung fu room.

Oregon Square Block 103

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Weekly Roundup: PSU Smith Student Union, A La Carts, Rheinlander restaurant and more

PSU Smith Student Union

Concept for a renovated PSU Smith Student Union. Should the project move ahead architects will oarde selected to develop a final design.

Portland Architecture wrote an extended summary of the Restore Oregon hosted mayoral debate, where candidates discussed housing, density and preservation.

In article titled “Gatekeepers of Portland character” KGW wrote about the Portland Design Commission, who are responsible for reviewing all major developments in the Central City.

The Oregonian reported on the approval of 4th and Harrison, which neighbors believe is in error. The approved building has a floor area ratio (FAR) of almost 9:1, achieved through a combination of the 6:1 base FAR for the site and 3:1 in bonuses. While the applicants and City staff believe that the site is eligible for bonuses, neighborhoods contend that it isn’t, and that any building on the site should have an FAR of no more than 6:1.

A bill that would allow local governments to implement Inclusionary Zoning has passed the Oregon Senate, reported The Oregonian. The bill will now heads to the House, where it is likely to pass.

The Hollywood Star News asked if the Rheinlander building on NE Sandy is to bite der dust? An Early Assistance application was recently received by the City for the site at 5035 NE Sandy Blvd, indicating that the restaurant site could be redeveloped into a mixed use building of 2 to 4 stories.

The Multnomah County Health Department Headquarters will be named after Gladys McCoy. According to the Willamette Week McCoy was “the first black member of the Portland school board, the first black member of the Multnomah County Board and the first black chair of that board.”

The Willamette Week reported that the A La Carts food cart pod has closed. The site at 4926 SE Division St is set to be redeveloped by Urban Development Group, who are planning a mixed use building with a branch of the Green Zebra grocery chain at the ground floor.

A transcript of a recent American Assets Trust earning call indicated that the company is “currently evaluating various alternatives” for how to move ahead with Oregon SquareLeases at the existing office buildings on the site are being allowed to expire in order to allow the site to be redeveloped. Stating that they do not wish to “act in haste, repent at leisure”, CEO and Chairman of the AAT Board of Directors Ernest Rady stated that they are “looking at every opportunity, including some office, including some apartments, including phasing it and we are now working on examining each of those alternatives. It is a real opportunity and we want to make sure we make the most of it.” A decision on how to move forward is expected by September.

Portland State University students will this April vote in a referendum over whether to increase student fees in order to finance a major renovation of the Smith Memorial Student Union, writes the PSU Vanguard. Two possible solutions include a $65 million renovation and a $90 million renovation.

Kaiser Permanente will open a clinic in the Pearl District, in one of the retail spaces in the Cosmopolitan on the Park tower. Kaiser told that the Portland Business Journal that the clinic will offer “convenient access for routine everyday care and minor health issues.”

The Portland Chronicle published photos of Otak Architects’ under construction Cook Street Lofts on N Vancouver Avenue. The site noted that this project and adjacent project The Woods will “bring 154 units to the block previously home to three single-family dwellings”.

Weekly Roundup: Ankeny Blocks, relocation of Jimmy Mak’s, closure of Sewick’s and more

Ankeny Blocks

Concept image for the Ankeny Blocks in Downtown

Goodman family controlled Downtown Development Group released a concept for the Ankeny Blocks, an ambitious $1.5 billion redevelopment of 11 surface parking lots between the Morrison and Burnside Bridges. According to the story in The Oregonian the intent is to “enter into long-term land lease agreements with developers and investors once an agreement for a project is reached.”

Jazz club Jimmy Mak’s will be relocating to make way for an 11-14 story residential development at 205 NW 11th Ave, reported the Willamette Week. A Design Advice Request hearing for the SERA-designed project is currently scheduled for March 17th.

Also in the Willamette Week was the news that Sewick’s bar on SE Hawthorne will close on Sunday January 31st. The building at 4917 SE Hawthorne Blvd will be torn down by Urban Development Group to make way for a 46 unit apartment building.

The Portland Chronicle wrote about the pending demolition of a commercial building at 1015 NW 16th Ave, set to be replaced by a 153 unit by WDC Properties. The currently vacant property was home to live music venue Slabtown until it closed in 2014.

The Portland Business Journal interviewed Robert Barton, CFO of American Assets Trust. The company recently completed the GBD Architects designed Hassalo on Eighth development, and is currently working on Oregon Square follow up project.

The Oregonian wrote that Royale Brewing will open a new bar named the Garrison in the Two/Thirds development. The St Johns retail, office, and residential project by Guerrilla Development will also include a second location of The Sudra vegetarian restaurant.

Tech company GuideSpark will lease the entire two floors of office space above the Pine Street Marketaccording to The Portland Business Journal.