Weekly Roundup: Veterans Memorial Coliseum, Residential Infill Project, $250 million housing bond and more

Image of a potential "north end party deck" at Veterans Memorial Coliseum, identified as one of the potential improvements by the 2015 study into the building.

Image of a potential “north end party deck” at Veterans Memorial Coliseum, identified as one of the potential improvements by the 2015 study into the building.

Veterans Memorial Coliseum was declared a “National Treasure” by the National Trust for Historic Preservation. Described by Curbed in article about the designation as “one of the finest International-Style civic buildings in the west”, the fate of the building remains unclear. A report published last year identified a number of options for the building, ranging from demolition to major improvements, however the Portland City Council has yet to take any action on the report.

As work on the Residential Infill Project wraps up, the Oregonian reported that Bureau of Planning and Sustainability is readying their recommendations for changes to the Zoning Code. Developers “would be required to reduce the scale of homes they build in Portland’s single-family zones and would be allowed to construct more duplexes, triplexes and other forms of so-called ‘middle housing’.”

The Portland Chronicle reported on the ten story building at 1500 SW Taylor St, likely to replace the 1892 Holman House in Goose Hollow.

BikePortland broke that the news that Tesla Motors will build a missing section of the Willamette Greenway Trail, as part of their new showroom and repair center at 4330 SW Macadam. Initial plans submitted to the City indicated that they would not build the trail.

The Portland Development Commission will own a new mixed income building in Lents Town Center at 9101 SE Foster Rd. The public agency is taking over development from the original owner, Williams & Dame.

The City Council is getting ready to ask voters to approve a $250 million bond measure, to fund affordable housing. If approved, the measure would add $75 a year to the taxes owed on a typical single family home.

Central City Concern published a blog post about their current affordable housing developments. Miracles Central is scheduled to open in August of this year, with the Hill Park Apartments at 110 SW Arthur following in Spring of 2017.

Bloomberg wrote about D.R. Johnson, the Riddle, OR company that is the first domestic manufacturer of Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) panels. CLT is new to the United States, but has a long history of use in Europe. Current CLT projects in Portland include Albina Yard, Framework (Pearl) and Carbon12.

KGW had a sneak peak inside the nearly complete Yard tower at the Burnside Bridgehead.

The Oregonian reviewed a Portland Art Museum exhibition about Portland-based Allied Works Architecture.

Metro Reports: 10 stories in Goose Hollow, 17 stories in Buckman, 16 stories in the Pearl, and more


A foundation permit was issued for Carbon12, which will be the first Cross Laminated Timber building in the USA to reach 8 stories.

Every week, the Bureau of Development Services publishes lists of Early Assistance applications, Land Use Reviews and Building Permits. We publish the highlights.

Early Assistance has been requested by Urban Development Group for a project at 2548 SE Ankeny St:

New development 77 units with 26 below grade parking spaces

Early Assistance has been requested by Edge Development for a project at 634 SE Spokane St:

New 3 story res building- 12 units. The applicant’s intention is to meet community design standards.

A Pre-Application Conference has been scheduled by Gerding Edlen Development for a project at 5 SE Martin Luther King Jr Blvd:

Pre-Application Conference to discuss a Type III Design Review and possible Type III Central City Parking Review for a new 17-story mixed use building with ground-floor retail and approximately 100,000 square feet of Office floor area and approx. 200,000 square feet of Residential floor area (estimated 220 units). Below-grade parking will be provided, with approx. 180 spaces that will serve both the residential and office uses.

A Pre-Application Conference has been scheduled by SERA Architects to discuss a revised proposal for 505 NW 14th Ave:

280 unit 16 story building with market rate apartments and ground floor retail. Basement parking is included.

A Pre-Application Conference has been scheduled by SERA Architects to discuss a project at 1500 SW Taylor St: 

10-story mixed-use apartments including approximately 150 residential units and two levels of below grade parking.

A project at 2869 NE Sandy Blvd has been submitted for Design Review by Ankrom Moisan Architects:

206 unit, 6-story apartment building with basement parking and partial retail on the first floor.

1430 NW Glisan St has been submitted for Design Review by Ankrom Moisan Architects:

Proposal is for a 16 story high rise residential project.

Two buildings at 5833 SW Macadam Ave have been submitted for building permit review by Jivanjee Circosta Architecture:

New construction of 4 story multifamily building with 31 units with onsite parking, site improvements and site amenities

New construction of 3 story multifamily building with 33 units with onsite parking, site improvements and site amenities

Five buildings at 26 SE 146th Ave have been submitted for building permit review by Doug Circosta Architect:

Construct new 3 story (12) unit apartment building; with associated site work; building 1 of 5

Construct new 3 story (24) unit apartment building; building 2 of 5

Construct new 3 story (7) unit apartment building; building 3 of 5

Construct new 3 story (18) unit apartment building; building 4 of 5

Construct new 2 story (1) unit apartment building with laundry on main floor; building 5 of 5

A building permit is under review for a project at 2611 SW Water Ave:

New construction of 100-unit 5story apartment building, with site improvements, onsite parking and interior trash room

A foundation permit was issued to PATH Architecture for Carbon12:

Partial permit for utilities associated with excavation, shoring, and foundation at basement*****see comments re: review by state of oregon building codes division*****

A building permit was issued to Urban Development Group for a project at 2929 SE Stark St (previously 2913 SE Stark St):

Construct new 3 story (46 unit) apartment building with associated site work

Weekly Roundup: Framework, Park Avenue West, Block 75 Phase II and more

The 12 story Framework building by Lever Architecture, planned for a site as NW 11th & Glisan in the Pearl

The 12 story Framework building by Lever Architecture, planned for a site at NW 10th & Glisan in the Pearl

In an article titled “Wooden Buildings as Strong as Steel” Newsweek wrote about how Portland is leading the nation in the adoption of Cross-Laminated Timber (CLT). The article includes quotes from Ben Kaiser of PATH, architect and developer of Carbon12and Thomas Robinson of Lever who is the architect for Framework in the Pearl and Albina Yard.

An article and photo gallery in the Portland Business Journal showed how CLT is made. Riddle-based D.R. Johnson Lumber Co is currently the only domestic lumber mill certified as capable of producing the wood panels.

The Portland Business Journal covered Block 75 Phase IIthe next high-rise building planned for the Burnside Bridgehead. The Works Partnership designed building is the latest partnership between Beam Development and Urban Development + Partners.

The Oregonian noted that a Travel Portland found that hotel prices have soared since 2010. The rising rates have led to a hotel construction boom, as Next Portland covered last year.

Construction is underway on the expansion of the SERA designed NW Portland International HostelIn a story about the project KGW wrote that the hostel is trying “to keep up with the booming tourism in the Rose City”.

The Portland City Council approved a realignment to the route of the proposed extension of SW Bond between the Tilikum Crossing and SW River Parkway. The extension, which will begin construction this year, allows OHSU projects including the Knight Cancer Research Building to move head.

The first residential tenants are moving into Park Avenue Westreported the Portland Business Journal. The TVA Architects designed building is now the fourth tallest building in Portland.

The Portland Development Commission is increasing its contribution to projects in Lents by $6.3 million, according to the Portland Business Journal. The projects include the Asian Health and Services Center by Holst Architecture, Oliver Station by Ankrom Moisan Architects and 9101 SE Foster Rd by Hacker Architects. The developers behind Oliver Station have gained control of the Chevron station at SE 92nd and Foster, enabling the project to occupy the full block.

Commissioner Steve Novick wrote about an idea that is rapidly gaining traction as a way to bring affordability back to Portland’s neighborhoods. “Missing middle housing” is new term for old styles of development, currently prohibited in most of Portland, at a density between that of single family detached houses and large mid-rise apartment buildings. These include housing types such as rowhomes, courtyard apartments, triplexes, built to the same height and scale as single-family homes.

A post at Portland Shoupistas asked if the PDC’s $26 million garage at the Convention Center Hotel  will be a money maker or a money loser. Though planned as  revenue generator, the post points out that “just to break even, this garage will need to generate more than $12 per space every day of every year for 20 years, starting in 2020.”

KOIN reported that “Ivy Island may not be ‘gateway’ to St. Johns for long“. A street vacation in the St Johns neighborhood was approved this week. The vacation will allow the mixed use Union at St Johns building by Jones Architecture to move ahead, while creating a safer road layout.


Design Approved for First Tall Cross-laminated Timber Building in America (images)

Designs have been approved for Carbon12, an 8 story building planned for N Williams Avenue. The designers of the project, PATH Architecture, expect that the 85′ tall structure will be the first tall building in the USA built using Cross-laminated Timber (CLT) as its structural system. The building will include 14 residential condominium units, as well as two ground floor retail units. With floorplates much skinnier than is typical in multifamily buildings Carbon12 will include only two residential units per floor. 22 parking spaces will be provided in a below grade mechanized parking system.


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Focus: Our 25 Most Popular Posts of the Year

The Goat Blocks

LOCA @ The Goat Blocks, the subject of our second most viewed post of 2015

2015 is the first full calendar year Next Portland has been in operation, and it’s been a year of huge growth for the site. As the year draws to a close it seemed like a good time to look at what the most popular posts of the year were. If there’s an overall trend evident it’s that posts about tall or large buildings do well. The single most popular post was the round up of the 25 tallest buildings planned or under construction. Posts about high rise buildings under construction—including Block 136, The Cosmopolitan, The NV (formerly The Overton), and Yard (formerly Block 67)—feature prominently in the list. The giant development at Oregon Square makes the list three times, and the redevelopment of the USPS site in the Pearl is included three times. The most popular post about a single project covered LOCA @ The Goat Blocks, a superblock development currently under construction in inner Buckman.

Other posts to make the top 25 were more surprising. The list includes the Worldmark by Wyndham and The Society Hotel, both relatively small hotel projects in Old Town. The initial post about 3rd & Taylor likely performed so well not because of the scale of the project, but because Next Portland was the first place to write about the potential demolition of the Hotel Albion. At only 8 stories Carbon12 wouldn’t come close to making the list of the tallest buildings planned for Portland, but is notable for the fact that the high rise structure will be built out of wood.

Were there any posts you particularly enjoyed reading this year? Let us know in the comments. Here is the full list of our most popular posts of 2015:

1 – Focus: 25 Tallest Buildings Planned or Under Construction

2 – LOCA @ The Goat Blocks

3 – Burnside Bridgehead, Pt II: Block 67

4 – Focus: 20 New Hotels Proposed For Portland

5 – Worldmark by Wyndham set to receive Design Advice

6 – Carbon12, an 8 story wood building, proposed for N Williams

7 – Concepts released for redevelopment of USPS site

8 – Pre-Application Conference scheduled for SW 3rd & Taylor

9 – Under Construction in Old Town: The Society Hotel

10 – Cook Street Apartments

11 – Lloyd Cinemas redevelopment returns in front of Design Commission (images)

12 – The Fair Haired Dumbbell

13 – Burnside Bridgehead, pt I: Block 75

14 – PDC identifies preferred concept for Post Office site

15 – Block 136 heading to Design Review

16 – Under Construction in South Waterfront: Block 37

17 – North Pearl High-Rises, Part II: The Overton

18 – Design Commission approves Oregon Square

19 –Design Commission reviews Oregon Square

20 – Oregon Square update

21 – North Pearl High-Rises, Part I: The Cosmopolitan on the Park

22 – Design Commission approves The Porter hotel

23 – 4th & Harrison returning for Design Advice

24 – Grand Belmont returns before Historic Landmarks Commission

25 – Hyatt Regency at the Oregon Convention Center


Metro Reports: Union at St Johns, Ballou & Wright Building, 4335 SE Belmont and more

Union at St Johns

The Union at St Johns by Jones Architecture

Every week, the Bureau of Development Services publishes lists of Early Assistance applications, Land Use Reviews and Building Permits. We publish the highlights.

Works Partnership have requested Design Advice and scheduled a Pre-Application Conference for a project at 1732 NE 2nd Ave:

DAR for proposed buildng. See PC 15-265471

PC for proposed new building. See DAR 15-265477

Works Partnership have requested Early Assistance for a project at 1825 NW 23rd Ave:

DZ EA for proposed building not meeting CDS

Early Assistance has been requested for a project at 4450 SE 92nd Ave:

P&Z EA for proposed commercial development

Otak Architects have requested Early Assistance for a project at 4335 SE Belmont St:

New 4-story apt building with 65 dwelling units

Early Assistance has been requested for a project at 2034 NW 27th Ave:

Proposed performance venue to accommodate 2,800 to 3,000 people

Mackenzie have scheduled a Pre-Application to discuss the Ballou & Wright Building at 1010 NW Flanders St

Pre-app conference for reconfiguring freight elevator on NW Flanders frontage with ROW encroachment; remodel of existing office space with option to add approx. 6,000 sf penthouse on the roof.

606 NE 20th Ave has been submitted for Design Review:

New 6-story, 54 unit residential building with ground floor retail and 18 parking spaces. 2 modifications: parking space width and bicycle stall width.

SERA Architects have submitted the Worldmark by Wyndham for Historic Resource Review:

Historic resource review with adjustment to reduce the number of loading bays from 2 to 1 and a modification to change loading bay size from type A to type B. Project is for new construction of 74 room vacation ownership property, six floors on existing parking lot.

Building permits are under review for Con-way Blocks 294E and 295E by GBD Architects and Jones Architecture:

***14 story mixed use. 238 apartments over 1 story retail over 2 levels subgrade parking.***

STR 1 : 2 level subgrade parking below Blk 294E and Blk 295E ***14 story mixed use. 238 apartments over 1 story retail over 2 levels subgrade parking.***

6 story 5/1mixed use, 160 units over concrete retail, over 2 level below grade parking structure permitted under 15-260408-STR-01-CO

PATH Architecture have submitted Carbon12 for building permit review:

New construction of eight story mixed use building; 14 residential units with below ground parking; two ground floor retail units; rooftop deck for the top two condo units only; see comments re: review by State of Oregon Building Codes Division; see comments re: review by State of Oregon Building Codes Division

Jones Architecture have submitted The Union at St Johns at 8247 N Lombard St for building permit review:

New construction of four story type VA 146,613gsf, LU 15-213895-mixed use building with 36,187 sf underground parking, ground floor retail/creative space, and 3 floors of R-2 apartments. The ground story structure is PT. Slab. The 2nd story floor structure is a PT slab. The 2nd-4th floors are wood framed below grade parking

A building permit was issued for a project at 424 NE Stafford:

New construction of 10 unit apartment building with 110sf trash enclosure

A building permit was issued to SERA Architects for the NW Portland International Hostel and Guest House:

Construct new 5 story hostel building with 21 sleeping units, basement level includes storage, mechanical room, laundry room, restroom and housekeeping area; main floor includes lobby area and cafe with seating; levels 2-4 includes hostel units and restrooms, 5th floor is private residence; includes all site work

A building permit was issued to Brett Schulz Architect for a project at 10721 NE Sandy Blvd:

Insulated shell only; construct new 1 story building with associate site work. No occupancy this permit

Weekly Roundup: OHSU, Sideyard and a protest on N Williams

OHSU Center for Health & Healing South

OHSU Center for Health & Healing South

The delay in implementing the planned increases in Parks Systems Development Charges will save OHSU $1 million, according to a story in The Oregonian. OHSU is currently moving ahead with the Center for Health and Healing South and the Knight Cancer Research BuildingThe latter is scheduled to return before the Design Commission for a second Design Advice hearing on September 24th.

As reported by the KATU, the Facebook group ‘Stop Demolishing Portland‘ held a protest at the corner of N Williams and Fremont. Almost 20 people turned up to protest nearby developments, which include the Cook Street Apartments, One North and Carbon12.

BikePortland reported on Sideyard, a proposed building on Block 76W of the Burnside Bridgehead that may include a bike through window. The 20,000 sq ft building by Skylab and Key Development is proposed for the sliver of land across the street from Yard (formerly Block 67).

An article in the Portland Mercury looked at the state laws that restrict ways to fund affordable housing.

Lastly, KOIN featured Next Portland in a story about developments in Portland.

Metro Reports: Carbon12, Grove Hotel, 21st and Irving Apartments and more


Carbon12, as shown during Design Advice

Every week, the Bureau of Development Services publishes lists of early assistance applications, land use reviews and building permits. We publish the highlights.

Design Advice has been requested for a project at 3207 SW 1st Ave:

Warehouse to office conversion.

Early Assistance has been requested by Mentrum Architecture for a new building at 6205 N Minnesota Ave:

Proposal is for a 3-story 18 unit apartment building

A building at 3514 NE Sandy Blvd has been submitted for Design Review:

Design Review for a new one story- (8,115 s.f.) building

Carbon12 by PATH Architecture has been submitted for Historic Resource Review:

Eight story mixed use building with 22-24 parking spaces with two ground floor retail units and 14 residential condominiums. The roof will also have a roof deck for the top two units.

Surround Architecture have submitted their designs for renovation and expansion of the Grove Hotel for Historic Resource Review:

This project consists of a renovation of an existing three-story building with basement and construction of a new nine story , 44,200 sf concrete building

Emerick Architects have submitted their 21st and Irving Apartments for Historic Resource Review:

Demo of exising structure for development of 4 story mixed use development including 57 living units and 55-62 parking spaces. Historic resource review with 6 modifications.



Carbon12, an 8 story wood building, proposed for N Williams

Design Advice has been requested for Carbon12, an 8 story building proposed on N Williams Ave. The project will be the tallest wood building in Portland, with a structural system comprised of glulam columns and beams, with Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) floor decking and shear walls. The project is being designed by PATH Architecture and developed by Kaiser Group, both owned by Ben Kaiser.


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